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Why do men want to have every other girl?


” No matter how much status you may have at work or in school, you don’t have more status than that jaw-dropping woman who’s dressed to kill and turning every head as she glides through the club. No one does. Not the rockstar. Not the billionaire.” A line from Rules of the game by Neil Strauss. A line that engraved in my heart.

There is a beautiful girl in our town. The only girl whose skin is so flawless. Whose lips look like red wine. When she walks, every single head turns to get a glance of her. Every woman hates her, because their husbands are staring at her. The type of woman, we used to call, “HD edition” or in pick up artist term, “HB 11”. But in India we don’t have those so called pick up artists. Few kids who have read that book and want to learn to get these girls or Naturals who always get them.

My wife hates me when I tell her that I want to be a pick up artist. I want to get every girl I meet or see. She always get upset because she thinks that she is not a good wife, a man can truly love and can’t think of anybody else. Its not correct. I know because she is a very nice person and I love her. But then I ask myself, “If I really love her then why I want those girls, Why I want to be a pickup artist? Sometimes my mind says, “We are men and we are born with it”. We undress every woman in our imagination to see how beautiful she looks from inside. We have mind sex with female friends, our neighbour’s daughter or even our friend’s sister”. Yes, many men or I should say only few men will really confess that they think about their friend’s sister. Even if they talk about, how wrong it is in reality. But the truth is we don’t have much control on our mind when it comes to sex.

But having sex is not only the reason. There is much bigger reason than this is “Status”. Yes, we want to get every other girl is because it increases a male reputation in the society. I know many will raise their eyebrows and start to collect their theories and argive about it. But for a minute, just for a minute, Remove your judging perspective and think about it. Aren’t the society really think this as a status symbol.

Men worship man who can get girls. They want the same. They want to befriend him, they want to be his student so that they can get the same results.

Even women are no different. They are attracted to the guy who is surround by girls. It seduce them. They want to be with that guy. They want to know why others girls are flattered about him. What’s so special about him.

One day, I asked my wife, “What if god give you a choice of choosing over two guys in a room. The first guy who is simple and innocent and second guy is simple but have lots of girl with him. Whom she wants? The answer was the second guy. She was right. Every one of us will choose him because he has the social proof of having something interesting. A man attracts more women when he is around with other women.

But these thoughts give rise to another question that always haunts me. When we all are guilty of it. We all think about other women then why don’t we accept it. Why we teach our kids that it is a bad thing. Why every one of us want to do this but judge others when someone else do it.

Then I realized, “We teach our kids the things we wanted to do but couldn’t. We want them to be a honest man because we couldn’t”…


1 Feb 2014:- what did i do today-2


Tried some hairstyles to draw. Girls are complicated to understand and draw. But I ll not give up. I am thinking to download any book on anatomy.

What is the point in becoming Good? when Bad guys get everthing.


I dont understand, But Life seems to be in the favour of “Bad”. Here Bad refers to the people who are arrogant, selfish, careless,and cheater.

When we were kids, we are taught to be a good guy. To ask for permission before taking something or doing all the nice things. But when we saw real life we realized that by being good, nothing is happening.

A good guy spent his life by pleasing others, by being nice to everyone, but what he gets? Nothing. Even people support bad guys. These bad guys got good girls. They get everything in life. From power to woman. Where as good guy are neglected. Most of the good guys gets the girl who spoils his life. Even the girls dont want bad boys.

A good guy never cheat on his parents. He tells them that he want money to go on vacation. But his parents scolds him. They dont give him money.
Where as A bad guy go to the parents and say he want money for a college project. His parents handed him money in a second. They even gets happy that their son is studying so much.

A good guy tells his girl about every girl he talk to. Because she dont want to hide anything from her girl. But still his girl stops him to talk to anyone. She fights with him.
Where as a bad guy sleeps with another woman and go to home and tell her wife that how busy he was in the office and how much he was missing her. His wife is happy because he is so loving and caring.

A good guy do everything to help everyone. But in the end what he gets, “Betrayal”. Where as a bad guy cheat on everyone but still people worship him.

If a bad guy gets everything then why the hell we are taught to be good? What is the point in becoming good if no one cares about you.

And still everyone says, “There are no good people out there”. As if they really care.

This is how Life is


Life is beautiful when you are with your best friends, You dont care about the world, ypu dont care about anything how you look, how ypu are dressed. You feel like you have the best people with you. You talk about your crushes, Girls,Sex, Movies, your passion all the day long. You tease each other with silly names, you irritate each others. They use abusive words for you but they dont seem bad to you. You laugh on them. You back flame them with more filthy words, You laugh with them. You ride with them. You race with them. You watch girls with them. You act crazy with them. Life seems so Perfect till then.

Then A girl enters in your Life, In starting you just talk with her as a friend, You tell your friend about her. They support you, they give their opinions to get the girl. Slowly slowly you start liking that girl. You start talking day and night. You become addicted to her sms’es , about her calls. She becomes your reason to smile. You think about her all day long. rather than sitting, chitchatting or roaming with friends you talk with her over phone. You start cancelling plans with your friends because you want to go with her. Slowly slowly your friends start teasing you with her name, they call that girl Bitch, but you act normal, you act like it doesnt hurt you. They start firing you bacause you dont spend time with them. Its true too. because at that time all you want is that Girl, Her voice seems so sweet to you. Your friend’s company seems like faded paper because you have that colourful girl with you.

Your friend’s talks seems boring and Stupid to you. You feel like they are jealous of you because you have a girl now. You start acting wierd when they are around. Everything they do start offencing you. Your love for your friends start decreasing. You feel like your friends dont understand as much as that girl do. You share every secrets with her. You start hiding things from your friends. After sometime they becomes commons friends for you. At that moment you feel like All you need is that girl.

Then one day you fought with friends on a little thing like you were waiting for that chance. Yours friends say to you that ypu are changed Dude. But you dont listen because all you feel is that your friends are wrong. At that point every silly word coming out of your friend’s mouth hurts your ego. You feel liking killing them. You just lose your temper and hit them. All those memories you have with them burn away in a second. But you dont care. Because you feel like you fucking dont need them. You delete their number, you block them on facebook. You tell about all this to your girl. She try to make you understand. She ordered you to talk to your friend but you dont listen because you feel like they have hurt you. You hate them. But now You are free. Now there is no one to call your Bitch or to tease you or to make fun of you. You are happy.

Now you have plenty of time to talk with her. Months passes. Your relationship with that girl starts fading, You feel like she have lost interest in you. She stops giving you time.You start to get irritated on little things again. Then one day you got to know about a new guy in your girl’s life. She dint tell you about him. You feel like shattered, like broken glass, You start feeling lonely, You feel like dying at that time you realize your mistake. You start to feel guilty to breaking your friemdship. You realize thst you left everything for that girl but now she left you for a new Ugly guy. You heart breaks into pieces. You start to miss your friends. But its too late. Because now even if you say sorry to them you know that your friendship will not be the same like it used to be. Now you will not be able to enjoy as you guys used to do, Now you sit alone and just miss those beautiful moments and shed tears.

But You realized this is how life is, You can not blame your friends because they dint understand you, not  yourself because You were in Love ,and not even the Girl who left you because once you too left your friends for someone.

The only thing you realized is This is how human nature is. We crave for the things we dont have, rather then respecting the beautiful things and People we have. ..

Diary of a Girl – Sujit Yadav


Mujhe Army officer ban na hai. Bachpan se bas yahi sapna tha. Daddy kaha karte the ki ek din meri raani beti hamar naam roshan karegi.

Mujhe exam dena jaana tha. Mai bus stand pe bus ka intezaar kar rahi thi. Us din koi bus hi nahi aa rahi thi. Maine auto wale bhaiya ko haath diya par sab full the. Tabhi ek school bus aake ruki. Usme se mere papa ki umar ka aadmi bahar aya bola beti kaha jaana hai. Mera us bus me jaane ka mann nahi tha par jaldi thi. Us bus me kuch or bhi aadmi baithe toh mujhe jyaada dikkat nahi hui.

Mai bas apne exams ke baare me soch rahi. Soch rahi thi ki agar Pass ho gyi toh Papa ko kitna garv hoga. Mummy seene se lagaa khub pyaar karegi. Apni pehli payment se Papa or Mummy ke liye ek acha sa present laungi.

After one hour,

Mai road par padi thi. Tann par ek kapda bhi na tha. Aankho ke saamne andhera tha bus. Aansu chhalak chhalak mere gaalo ko bhigo rahe the. Bas aawaze sunayi de rahi thi, par kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha. Bas un darindo ke chehre nazar aa rahe the. Mai hilna chahti thi par hil nahi paa rahi thi. Log bas mujhe tamashe ki tarah khade dekh rahe the.

Maine gardan thodi si ghumayi toh apne kandhe pe un darindo ke Naakhuno se bane gehre ghaav ko dekha jis se khoon nikal raha tha. Mai sochne lagi ki papa jab is ghaav ko dekhenge wo mujhe kitna daantenge. Wo meri bahut care karte hai. Agar chhoti si chot bhi lag jaaye toh wo mujhe daante hai ki kaam araam se kiya karo Priya.

Do aadmiyo ne mujhe utha Van me leta diya or mere badan par kambal dhak diya.
Mai bas ye soch rahi thi, Mummy papa se kya kahungi? Ki Maa mai officer nahi ban paayi, kaise kahungi ki Maa jo wo meri saadi ke khubsurat sapne sazaa muskuraya karti thi wo toot chuke hai. Kaise nazre milaungi Papa se? Kaise unhe kahungi ki mere saath kya hua? Mujhe chinta hai Papa ki ap society walo ki baato ka kya jawaab doge.

Papa mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai. Mai bas kehna chahti hu ki Sorry mai ek achi beti nahi ban saki saayad. Ab mujhse koi shaadi nahi karega. Mummy meri haatho pe mehndi nahi racha payengi.

Mujhe nahi pataa ye mere saath kyu hua. Maine kabhi kisi ka bura nahi chaha. Mai bas jaate jaate ye puchna chahti hu sabse kya Ladki hona Gunaah hai?