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Is that what we live for?

I know this question does not relate to anyone. But its about a serious issue we are facing today.


There is an illegal wineshop near our home. Many hooligons come there to drink. They are always a trouble for the colony. They dont care about anyone. They drove their bikes fast, even if the kids are playing the street. They just dont care. Today one of our neighbour stopped one of them and told him to drive slow. But he start arguing with him. Then the wineshop owner(One of the hooligon) came and try to convince all the people there. Telling him not to argue. Everything seem ok. But after a few minutes, that hooligon called his other friends. They came and start yelling, “Now come out. we will see who will stop us”. We all got frieghtned. I opened our door and saw no one was outside in our street except them. They were using abusive words. Few of the people gathered and started enjoying the show. After few minutes they went away.

After half an hour, our neighbour( who stopped those hooligons) was standing near a shop and talking to some people of the colony. Those hooligons came again. I was not there. But my brother told me everthing. They start beating him. Everyone was looking at them but no one was stopping them. My father opened the gate and ran to stop them. But they also caught my father. My younger brother and mother also got into the fight to stop them. But they din’t stop. They hit a Beer bottle on his face. After beating cruely and breaking his nose. They left us and ran away on their bikes. Suddenly the whole colony was there. Everyone was just talking about the incident. Everyone one of them was saying that they should be in jail but no one wants to step out. Bo one wants to be a witness in the court.

My father and other neighbour went to the Police station but the police dont want to take a strict action. Their behaviour is so disgusting I cant tell. They are just there for compromise and bribe. Everything is so frustating.

I wonder what is happening. We all are taught to be a true man and to fight against bad. But no one is doing this. Police knew about that illegal wineshop from years but no actions are being taken. The whole colony know about this but no one want to step out against them. Everybody just talk from their behind. I know we all are scared. But by unity we can do anything.

People just complain. I dont know what will happen? I know these types of incident will happen again. But why are we teaching our kids those lessons about being brave, fight against evil, blah blah blah, when we also dont have the courage to fight back.


This is how Life is


Life is beautiful when you are with your best friends, You dont care about the world, ypu dont care about anything how you look, how ypu are dressed. You feel like you have the best people with you. You talk about your crushes, Girls,Sex, Movies, your passion all the day long. You tease each other with silly names, you irritate each others. They use abusive words for you but they dont seem bad to you. You laugh on them. You back flame them with more filthy words, You laugh with them. You ride with them. You race with them. You watch girls with them. You act crazy with them. Life seems so Perfect till then.

Then A girl enters in your Life, In starting you just talk with her as a friend, You tell your friend about her. They support you, they give their opinions to get the girl. Slowly slowly you start liking that girl. You start talking day and night. You become addicted to her sms’es , about her calls. She becomes your reason to smile. You think about her all day long. rather than sitting, chitchatting or roaming with friends you talk with her over phone. You start cancelling plans with your friends because you want to go with her. Slowly slowly your friends start teasing you with her name, they call that girl Bitch, but you act normal, you act like it doesnt hurt you. They start firing you bacause you dont spend time with them. Its true too. because at that time all you want is that Girl, Her voice seems so sweet to you. Your friend’s company seems like faded paper because you have that colourful girl with you.

Your friend’s talks seems boring and Stupid to you. You feel like they are jealous of you because you have a girl now. You start acting wierd when they are around. Everything they do start offencing you. Your love for your friends start decreasing. You feel like your friends dont understand as much as that girl do. You share every secrets with her. You start hiding things from your friends. After sometime they becomes commons friends for you. At that moment you feel like All you need is that girl.

Then one day you fought with friends on a little thing like you were waiting for that chance. Yours friends say to you that ypu are changed Dude. But you dont listen because all you feel is that your friends are wrong. At that point every silly word coming out of your friend’s mouth hurts your ego. You feel liking killing them. You just lose your temper and hit them. All those memories you have with them burn away in a second. But you dont care. Because you feel like you fucking dont need them. You delete their number, you block them on facebook. You tell about all this to your girl. She try to make you understand. She ordered you to talk to your friend but you dont listen because you feel like they have hurt you. You hate them. But now You are free. Now there is no one to call your Bitch or to tease you or to make fun of you. You are happy.

Now you have plenty of time to talk with her. Months passes. Your relationship with that girl starts fading, You feel like she have lost interest in you. She stops giving you time.You start to get irritated on little things again. Then one day you got to know about a new guy in your girl’s life. She dint tell you about him. You feel like shattered, like broken glass, You start feeling lonely, You feel like dying at that time you realize your mistake. You start to feel guilty to breaking your friemdship. You realize thst you left everything for that girl but now she left you for a new Ugly guy. You heart breaks into pieces. You start to miss your friends. But its too late. Because now even if you say sorry to them you know that your friendship will not be the same like it used to be. Now you will not be able to enjoy as you guys used to do, Now you sit alone and just miss those beautiful moments and shed tears.

But You realized this is how life is, You can not blame your friends because they dint understand you, not  yourself because You were in Love ,and not even the Girl who left you because once you too left your friends for someone.

The only thing you realized is This is how human nature is. We crave for the things we dont have, rather then respecting the beautiful things and People we have. ..