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UC Browser for JAVA

Today we have brought you the older version of Uc Browser 7.2 on users demand.


It is modded with fast server for Better downloading. So enjoy the Mobile best browser.

Here is the free download Link.


How to download big files from 4shared with pause/resume facility.

If u have uc browser and opera mini in your phone and you want to download from 4shared with uc
because it has pause and resume
facility. But when u go to 4shared
download page from uc there is no download link.

Booh! Here is the trick for you.



copy the download page link to
opera mini. The page will say you to wait for 20 seconds. Ok wait…
Refresh aftr 20 seconds and the link will appear. Then copy the link to uc browser. But how? There is no option in opera mini to copy links.
Here is the way click on link. Go to
adress bar before it loads and copy that link using phones editing
options and paste it in uc.

And enjoy resumeable download.

UC Browser 8.4 Java released


Dear all,

In Java v8.3 we introduced UDisk and
other functions. We also released 8.3
Cloud version for future evolution.
Yesterday we released Java v8.4 and
maybe you already knew.
The new features of Java v8.4:
1, Optimization of Theme installation
2, Traffic statistic
3, Dial and SMS support (which
requested by some people many
4, Local Indian servers (Yes, we have
deployed servers in India)
Download link:
We are planning the new version. All
the operations will be more smooth.
Thanks for your support!

UC Borwser 7.6 Android translated

So today we have come up with the latest Android version of Uc Browser For Android translated By Mannuforall. It is the second UC Browser translation, check out the New features,

New Features and Optimization:

1. Speed optimization
Start/Exit the UC 55% faster, 38% open pages faster, more stable network.
2. Experience optimization, smoother sliding screen, configure the phone’s menu to low, multi-window animation effects to optimize the upgrade.
3. The new control
Input box on the page, buttons and other controls for new friends.
4. RTSP support
Support video online play, allowing you to collect all other video capsule.

1. Form optimization, a more intelligent save account password.
2. High-speed downloads, you can call UC Thunder at high speed download.
3. The original view, see Figure essential micro-broad.
4. Phone number identification, identification number on the page, click Dial.

UC Browser 7.5 English Translated for Android



Finally people like us..who was cursing UC browser developers for not developing the UC browser English for Android can get a relief now.

“Jibin Raju” One of the member of our UC browser forum translated it to a English version for us. It is not fully translated but all the Navigation part is translated.

UC Browser, works as a leading
mobile browser provider, which 100+ million users globally.

Developed user experience with faster speed .
~ Intelligent websites address input
mechanism added based on local
website address grammar.
~ Share websites with friends by SMS
~ WEB UA & amp ; WAP UA can be selected to help you access to your preferred website format.
~ Capture and upload function to bring you more fun in SNS.
~ Fixed the problem that someĀ  phones cannot get access to internet
with WAP APN.
~ Fixed the problem that blank screen happens to some websites.

From here you can Download.

Download UC Browser 7.6 Final for Java and Symbian


Here a English translated versions for UC Browser 7.6 Final released for Java and Symbian phones and available for download now. Here you can download English translated version for Java and Symbian. All versions are translated by our hard working members at UC Forum. Hewe updated new patched version for Java with some bug fixed.
New Features and Optimization in UC Browser 7.6 Java:

  • The page can not be normal when dial phone numbers
  • SMS category links to the site domain name change can not send text messages
  • Switching in multiple windows, sometimes the page will automatically refresh the current
  • The focus is also located in the adding of bookmark and the bookmark icon, causing the cursor can not move up
  • New Password Manager prompt to save all your passwords.
  • Website Optimization Website optimization input box input box, enter the URL for your content intelligent prediction, precise match.
  • Local Cookie Cookie further optimization of the local optimization, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly enter a user name and password of the trouble.
  • Sharing features easier to optimize the operation of shared features, allowing you to share interesting information anytime, anywhere and friends!
  • Optimized at the input Intelligent matching
  • New auto-fill in a form and saving the local Cookie
  • Sharing features easier to operate, allowing you to share interesting information and friends anytime, anywhere
  • The optimal operation of the touch screen experience on your phone
  • The night mode page image brightness optimization, to further protect your eyes
  • Support the replication function directly through free open plain text URL
  • To further improve boot speed

UC Browser 7.6 Final Patch English Modded with Password n SShoot:

  • Default password is “chen”
  • You can only change it by editing the class file in ucweb.jar/javay/microedition/lcudi/e.class
  • Press green dial key to take screen shoot
  • If you press 4 key you will go to settings menu there you can change saving path and screen shoot taking key there by changing codes
  • If will not have to press 4 key if you don’t have to do any change. The default screen shoot path is memory card and screen shoot key green dial key
  • If you want to take high quality screen shoot just press 4 key and set compression level to 0 and press save.

Function Optimization UC Browser 7.6 Symbian:

  • URL input window and search window optimization
  • GUI optimization, support for more cool effects
  • Offprints text input box to support the expansion of the input layer, a line can be turned into four lines
  • Transit network optimization, network speed upgrades
  • V5 skin transformation (menu translucent, no longer compatible with earlier versions of the skin, the skin can re-download fees, no extra charge)
  • V5 business support drop-down field, enter the user no longer need to turn the two-screen center
  • wap2.0 layout optimization, support for float

DOwnlOAD :

UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English Indian Server.jar (JAVA)

UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English International Server.jar (JAVA)

UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English s60v2 Indian Server.sis (S60v2)

UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English s60v2 International Server.sis(s60v2)

UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English s60v3 Indian Server.sisx( S60v3)

UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English s60v3 International server.sisx (s60v3)

UCbrowser v7.6.0.75 Final English s60v5 International_with3D Icons.sis (s60v5)

Uc Browser 7.5 for S60 2nd, 3rd and 5th edition devices

After lot of e-mail people asking UC browser 7.5, Today our team has brought you Uc Browser 7.5 for symbian 2nd, 3rd and 5th edition devices.

Hope you guys will like it….

Uc browser 7.5 for s60 2nd edition devices

Uc browser 7.5 for s60 3rd edition devices

Uc browser 7.5 for s60 5th edition devices

Christmas Present : UC Browser 7 .5 Public Beta (Java version)

Hi guyss , this is Devilgod and today we have brought our latest test version , which is UC Browser 7 .5 Java public beta with English / Russian/Indonesia / Vietnam language support, we provide to our millions of java users as Christmas present. It ‘s really gelivable ~!

New Function Added:
1) Free Copy , finally come to Java
version !
2) webpage pre-fetch , now users can
prefetch all the websites you visited
3) supporting user proxy! you can set the proxy in UC Browser now.

Notice: you can just download the jar file to proceed the installation ; if you face any problem please comment back so that other users can get benifit.

CLick Here

UC Thunder Android released


UC Thunder Symbian / Android
platform v 1 .2 Released ~ ~
(2010 .11 .22) ~ [CN ]

Members of Friends of Friends Hello everybody,

UC Thunderbolt is excellent , as
mobile phones and other
technologycompanies in mobile
terminal platform based on the
development of a Chinese language interface for mobile phone download
software .

UC Thunder full -featured , easy to use
mobile phone download software, it
has a powerful multi – protocol
support and resource aggregation,
and support to download large files,
support multi- tasking multi -threaded
download, support HTTP, Thunder ,
Express, BT Download , and users to
recommend the most popular
download resource , providing vast
amounts of resources to search and
so on.

UC Thunder
V 1. 0. 0. 9 version of Android platform
November 22, 2010 update :
1 , optimized for wifi download speed;
2 , adjusted some UI interface and
usage tips ;
3 , the first start will be asked whether
to add a desktop shortcut ;
4 , fixes the problem permanently lost
the task;
5 , fixes Express Download problems
and improve the success rate of
6 , downloaded the interface to add a
“picture ” of the classification,
download the pictures will
automatically go to such resources ;
7 , improved file manager ;
8 , in the process of optimizing the
search tips and relatedoperations;
9 , the new task window function
optimization .
Symbian S 60 V 2 /V 3 /V 5 Platform
Edition V 1. 2. 2. 5November 1 st update :
1 . Download speed to further
optimize ;
2 . Memory optimization to reduce
nearly half of the memory usage;
3 . Supports all pause function;
4 . Operating response optimization ,
reducing card machine phenomenon;
September 16 , 2010 update
1 . Support WIFI automatic switching
function (V 3 , V 5 version )
— – WIFI networking environment , the
user is in the use of non- WIFI access
point , the client automatically detects
and prompts the user to switch to
have WIFI access points used
2 . Set key functions to support reuse
of legacy
— – Including the initialization interface
settings, advanced settings, set the
shortcut keys
3 . Fine column update feature
— – Increase the updated classification
of the day , an increase refresh a
single classification , resource
optimization , database update tips
4 . The search results interface Suggest
a feature
— – Increase the relevant search term
(music , video , fiction) / hot search
word recommendation function, the
search results suggest that
5 . Support the desktop shortcut setup
function (V 3 , V 5 version )
— – When set desktop shortcut ,
select”not set” and can not cancel the
desktop shortcut tables .

UC Thunder V1.0 Beta version of Android platform began open beta testing it!

Dear Friends of Friends:
After a long wait, UC Thunder V1.0 Beta Beta Android platform has finally launched it!

More resources, more speed,more stable version of the experience waiting for you!
In order to improve the user experience we hope that we actively participate, make their own comments and suggestions(we will set up special collection of bug and comments posted.)


The implementation features:
1, support cmwap / cmnet, uniwap / uninet, 3gwap/3gnet, wifi access point to download.
2, available from input URL (HTTP, FTP, BT, Thunder address (thunder ://), Express address (flashget://), address eDonkey (ed2k://)) download function.
3, support for open local bt torrent files to download.
4, the default provision of the software, film, music, games, themes and other recommended download.
5, available for download resource search functionality, including music, software, themes and other resources search.
6, available for download and download capabilities ofthe task management function.
7, client support background to download and display the progress associated with front suspension frame.
8, support and UC Browser 7.4 Beta version of each call.
9, support and UC associatedwith the browser version of 7.4 Beta download, currentlysupports BT / FTP / Thunder /Express / resources associated with eDonkey download.
10, support associated with the phone comes with a browser to download, the download currently supports HTTP resources.

1, and UC is currently only supported browser 7.4 Beta version and later used in conjunction with the association.
2, UC Thunder download module in the continuous optimization, the download speeds will continue to improve the next version.
3, using the Wifi access pointdownload, the number of tasks more quickly when thetotal, there will be instability.
4, please download and install the UC Browser 7.4 Beta Version ( Portal ), use and function of the association between UC Thunder.
5, the results of the current search resources may include resources not part of Android platform.
6, the phone closed beta version is already installed on the Friends of the Friends of the UC Thunder, first uninstall the old version and then re-download the beta version to use.
7, have any questions, comments or suggestions can be posted in the thread to the bug to collect feedback.