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  1. R.Sathish kumar

    Dear sir,

    I have got Samsumg GT-I5801 model during the month of Feb’11. Within two-three months, the mobile is too hot to handle and the charge is getting drained within 2 hours. As well as, i could not able to charge while the mobile is β€œON”. I have given it to Samsung service center in chennai, after the service i got my mobile back (i was told that, they have changed the mother board, but there was no improvement in the problem). Again it gave it back to the Samsung service center in chennai, and got it back ( i was told that they have changed some of the components and software was updated). still there is no improvement in the probelm, not even by 0.01%. it is more than one and half months, i could not use my mobile; for which i had spent 12,200 bugs, which is almost in the dustbin.

    Even after two services Samsung could not able to rectify the problem; really it throws a questions about their competency, is theirs is a Foolproof technology??????

    Kindly advice me how to proceed further in getting a replacement or refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Satish,

      Its sad to Know about your situation. There are many users like us who got dissappointed by Galaxy 3 bugs. Even the official doesnt respond to complaints well.
      My Freind dont have the same problem like you but he was getting problem like Auto restart etc. He asked Samsung care to replace, in starting they made many excuses like they update softwares or just say now its working ok. But when he got frustated by this he yelled at them and said to them that he want to talk to Head of the care and then he gave the warning to drag them to the consumer court. Then they replaced after so much drama. They will not give refund in any condition but if you talk to them strictly they have to replace it. And about battery life its like 10-12hours . But as you told only 2 hours then your phone have seriously some problem. Did you try froyo Roms??? To check whether your problems get solved or not.

      Try and give me feedback.:-)

  2. sathish kumar

    Thanks for ur reply……………since i spoke with area sales manager and service center manager, finally they agreed to replace the phone. but i m not sure how far the new one is going to be? Is samsung galaxy 3 – android version is a failure model or wat???????????????? is it advicable to upgrade to froyo in this model, will it consume more battery charge?????????????????/

    • Oh thats a Good news, hope the New phone have such problems. Not all Galaxy 3 have such problems. But Samsung doesnt optimised this cell with the Android kernal. Anyway better upgrade to Froyo rom because its fast and less power consuming than Eclair.

  3. how to open an mcusw file that are present in a firmware package?and how to edit them for more heap size,better battery backup,camera res?pls help me.i own nokia x2-00 s40v6 v 8.35

  4. how to open am mcusw file and how to edi t them for better battery backup,increase heap,camera res and much more ..i’m using nokia x2-00 s40v6 v 8.35

  5. mcusw is present in a firmware package..pls help!!!!!!!!

  6. ACtually You need Developer knowledge to do that..You can pay any developer to do that for you..

  7. i want to root my phone spice mi-435 pls help no pc suite drivers

  8. You owning a Spice mi495
    have you made any of your own ROMs specially a JB rom ?

  9. check this out
    do you think we both would be able to port it to mi495 ?
    i have a little knowledge about android

  10. Hello there! I just got a Spice MI-495. It’s a nice thing but I can’t get the Google+ app to work. Can you cnofirm if this is a universal problem or is somehing wrong with my phone. Thank you in advance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. i also have intex aqua 3.2 .i want to root it. i have tried several methods like z4root ,universal root ,one click root and binary method (v17and15) also. plz reply what should i do.its android version is 2.3.6 kernal version is

  12. Hi again. I remember you saying that you ported Lewa OS to Spice MI-495 but the onscreen controls don’t show up. You can try adding this to build.prop

    This will most likely enable the navigation bar at the bottom on any rom. Good luck πŸ™‚

    • Thanks bro..But i have tried that..Dint work the only option was to decompile the framework. So i tried hundred times but failed.:-/ We need a man who has an experience in editing framework-res.apk..

  13. Hi again! Some people have put up a petition to Spice for releasing the source code for their phones here
    Please sign and share.

  14. Hi there!! I flashed a logo.bin with the wrong resolution without backing up the original. Can you extract the stock logo.bin from your phone and send it to me, or upload it somewhere?

    • Sorry bro, MY PC is broken and I dont have that rom in my can dwnld the whole rom and extract..or you can request someone else..

      • I have the stock rom, but that file is not part of the rom, it has to be pulled from a different partition. It’s called /dev/logo.
        Well I think I have to write the headers myself, (the thing is, I hate everything hex, so I don’t really want to). Anyway, thanks for taking the time πŸ™‚

      • Can you tell me the exact location..because i dint find it…i have seen this file but dont remembee where..

      • It’s not a static file, you’ll need a PC, and do an adb pull /dev/logo to get it. If it spits a fairly large file, like >100mb, then you’ll have to unpack and repack it using something like this

        This file basically contains the first logo which is seen right after starting the phone, and the batery animation shown while charging the phone while switched off.

      • Then Bro, There is big problem, I dont have a good net connection…I cant even upload a 5mb file by my connection..You have to ask someone else..sorry…

      • If you unpack and repack it, it’ll be nearly 400-500kb only.

      • Is there anyway to get it from the phone only…My Monitor is dead…

  15. let me know about the direct download link of ” logo designer for pc”.

  16. How to add LMT pie control in Spice Mi 495.

  17. i have spice mi450 n i want to install custom rom so if u have custom rom for my mobile than reply me plz help me!!!

  18. Sir plz help me mera mobile Lenovo s660 he. Wo muje root karna he lekin root nahi ho paa raha he plz help me KitKat version 4.4.2 he plz how to root plzplzplz…..

  19. Pls give me custom rom for spice mi-347. Pls help me

  20. Hi bro,
    Actually I backed up my data on kies including my hide it images,and after formating my phone when I reinstalled my images r not there how to retrieve those images.I already did as u advised but that language folder is empty.what to do

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