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A cool Home replacment for Your Galaxy 3 i5801/i5800 Android Phone




What we more like about Android is its flexibility in Customization. I am a total freak in customization and love to tinker my Geeks tenticles all the time when its come to customization. Yesterday I was just searching some new and good Home replacment for my Galaxy 3 aka Apollo, and I found Xperia Arc Launcher so i thought to give it a try.

Its not customizable as like other Launcher. But its cool looking to show off. A worthy check out. So check out the screenshots and download from this Link and Dont forget to share what you think about it….


Official Froyo Update for Galaxy 3 i5801/i5800 Launched In Spain

Finally the users of Galaxy 3 in Spain has a reason to Enjoy. Because Samsung has lauched the froyo update for Galaxy 3 officially. The froyo update is lauched in Spain only. Indian Users are still waiting for it. May be As per Samsung Mobiles tweeted that Official froyo update will launched on 31st April. So finger crossed.

Five Great applications to show off your Galaxy 3 i5801 Android phone

So you bought your new Android phone Galaxy 3 a.k.a I5801 and some illetrate ( Non Geeks ) people asking you whats so great in Android??? Then here are the five cool and best application for your Android phone to show off.

1) Solo : Solo is the Android most popular vitrual guitar. Install it and play your favourite songs anywhere or create your own. I am sure people will get amazed when you will be blowing tunes by your little fingers and it will also attract some cool chicks too:-)

Features :
* Classical guitar, Acoustic.   guitar, electric guitar.
* A huge choed library.

2) Musical Pro : Musical for Android is a pockret toolkit fot Musician, Singers,  Songwriters and for people who just love music.

features :
* It has Piano, Keyboard, Drums (my favourite) , pitch pipe, Metronome and practice piano too. Cool na.

3) Shazam : Are you not sure what is the name of the song playing on Radio ot T.V then Shazam is for you. Just pop out your Android phone and let the application listen the song for some seconds and it will return with the answers.

Features :
* Give the result song with Youtube and Amazon link for easy access.
* Widget support too:-)

4) Vlingo : Another amazing application on Android is Vlingo. It converts your words into actions. If you are driving or doing some important work where your hands are busy then its for you. Vlingo can send sms, call contacts,  Open urls, Applications and that also just by your voice.

5) Tasker : What if your phone automatically went silent when you step into the movie theater? Texted your significant
other when you finished your long commute? Or automatically turned down the volume when a particularly loud friend called? Tasker is an application which turns your Android phone into a fully automated device.

Official Froyo update for Galaxy 3(i5800 / i5801)????

Official Froyo update for Galaxy 3(i5800 / i5801)

If you are also one of those Galaxy 3 user like me who is eagerly awaiting for official froyo update. Then you have to wait 2 more months. According to the tweet by Samsung India, They will release the official froyo update for galaxy apollo or galaxy 3 around April.

From the past 5 months we are still dying for its official froyo update but Samsung guys has something different plans oin their minds. As they promised they wil surely update the galaxy 3 to froyo soon. But things dont used to be so easy for Us.

In starting Samsung said that they will release the froyo update in.December. Why they always forget the old customers, like they did with Galaxy spica. They always focused on their business rather than customers. I am very disappointed. I am jealous with the LG optimus one users who are enjoying bigger ram, bigger display resolution,  froyo packed phone at the same price. LG even confirmed that they will release Gingerbread for it.

Morever LG optimus have better community and mods at XDA not like galaxy 3. Unofficial froyo updates are available but buggy. So We are still waiting….

-DevilGoD (United Devils)

Root Your Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5800/5801) easily

Last Month when I bought my first Android phone Samsung galaxy 3, I was too happy showing it to everyone. I have heard alot about Live wallpapers on the net. But then I got to know that my phone doesnt support them. I was very disappointed to know. But when I got to know that Many Guys are using them on galaxy 3 by rooting their device. I was happy but the problem was about rooting because it was dangerous and every way of rooting i got was difficult too.

But then came the saviour “Z4root” a one click root solution for your galaxy 3. Just download and click on root as simple as it seems. And the good thing is you can easily Unroot your galaxy 3 by a click 🙂

So download this cool application from here.

Tubemate – Youtube downloader for Android

If you are a Mobile savvy who uses his Mobile for everything more than PC and want to download cool youtube videos straight from his Android mobile. Then this is the applicaion that can fulfill your needs.

Tubemate is a simple interface application. Which opens the youtube mobile site. Search your favourite video and click on that video. A dialog box will open which will ask you to Download or to watch. You can use choice. It can download videos in low or high resolution mp4 videos.

Cons. :-

* Very simple and friendly Interface.
* Can Download videos in low or high resolutions.
* very fast download

Pros. :-

* Resume support would be good.

Overall Tubemate is very good. Its a must have for Android owners and specially the youtube lovers.

Post your valuable comments and let us know what you think of…:-D

– DevilGoD (United Devils)

City Jump – Very Addictive Android Game

City Jump is executing mysterious task, jumping between buildings, to avoid obstacles on the wall, to kill all enemies on the way.

* Tap screen to jump
* Kill enemy by jumping in the air
* Avoid hurdles on walls
* POWER UP when killing 3 enemies of the same kind.

Its a very fun loving game and seriously very addictive. I cant stop myself playing it all day. You can submit your score online so that you can know your position…I was in 1000s even after trying hard. But doesnt matter I had fun. Its a totally addictive Android game you cant afford to miss.

Do you have the courage to beat my score??? lets meet up in the battlefield of City Jump.

– DevilGoD (United devils)

Picsay Amazing Android application


Today once again I was impressed by Android…Ii thanked the God and the Android developers for this Amazing stuff…

Picsay is one of it. I heard alot of this application on the sites but today I gave it a try…seriously. Its worth writing for.

It can add cliparts to the images like thought boxes, beard, caps, spectacles and many. It has some cool effects too like sepia, contrast, negative, exposure etc.

You can have fun whole day with its features and the best thing about this you can share it with your friends online.

Like I am doing. So share what you thought of this application….you liked it or not.:-)


Rooting Froyo with z4root App. Easy One Click and Painless Root

If you think Rooting Froyo is a bit complicated, or having hard time Root your Android Froyo device then you can blessed by XDA forum member RyanZA who created for you his rooting app z4root. With a single button on z4root App you can easily Root Android 2.2 Devices. just install the z4root App.apk on your Android and use the Root Button.

According to Developer z4root App should work with all Android Devices and 100% safe and that nothing on disk is changed besides the root binaries. If something goes wrong, a simple reboot should fix up any issue.

As it still in testing z4root App is not yet available in Android Market. You can Download z4root App from the link below. If it Doesn’t work for you leave comment or find more info at XDA.


– DevilGoD [United Devils]


Samsung Flexible and Transparent AMOLED Display showed in FPD 2010

Yes!!! Samsung did it. While most of the company struggling to bring Amoled Display on their Mobile Devices, Samsung gone more further and showed 4.3-inch Flexible AMOLED and 14-inch Transparent AMOLED Display. The 4.3-inch Flexible Display demonstrating a great capability to flow into smooth and attractive curves on a gorgeous looking Device. On the Other hand, 14-inch transparent AMOLED display was showcased in a prototype 14-inch notebook.

Samsung also has some other new Devices in their FPD 2010 booth, included a Dual Display Clamshell Prototype, Foldable Display and Super Slim Plastic 10-inch Display 1.8mm thick only. Let’s watch Smasung’s collection for FPD in action

– DevilGoD [United Devils]