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[DEV][4.1.1] CyanogenMod 10 for Galaxy 3 (Exp. Build 1 – 02/09/2012)


This is the port of CMX/JellyBean for Galaxy 3.

What is working :
– SDcard
– openfimg
– Wifi
– Vibrator
– Sensors
– Screenshot
– Sound
– Internet connection
– Deepsleep kernel panic
– Bluetooth (big thanks to pmanian!)
– DSPManager
– Mobile data
– backported xt_qtaguid and xt_quota2 for data usage stats (need more tests)

Not working list :

– Camera
– Video codecs

Source code is available here :…tree/jellybean

This thread is for development only. Please, use the user thread for non-dev questions :….php?t=1825161

If you wish to help, then you are welcome to join the project.


Experimental Build 1 (02/09/2012)


BUILD 1 ODIN (with Gapps) :…

Not suitable for daily use because it has not been enough tested.


Click image for larger version

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Name:	cmx2.png
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Name:	cmx6.png
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ID:	1257068

You can download this new build If you want the Taste of Jelly Bean on Your Android Phone.

IceCream Sandwitch For Galaxy 3 in Progress






Where the 2 year Old young Galaxy 3 have not got Gingerbread officially and where bunch of Hardcore Developer working on bringing Fully stable Gingerbread for Galaxy 3 , Now IceCream Sandwitch has also been compiled but still in Beta. It has lots of bugs for now. But the Progess seems Heart opening for Faithless Galaxy 3 users. But Give it a Try too.

[COLOR=Red]Note: This is just Test build. Flash it only if you want to see ICS look & feel and explore features. [/COLOR]

Download Link: [URL][/URL]

How to install:
Falsh thru odin one package. reboot in recovery. No wiping.
First boot is very slow due to odex. give it enough time to boot.
If you get any errors in chinese text. Go to settings > Language & Input and change default keyboard to English.

What you can expect in this test build:
ics look and feel
explore ics system
make and receive calls without ring.
use data and wifi to access internet.

Known issues:
some times screen never returns from deep sleep. if you want to use phone for long time enable Stay awake in settings > developer options
wifi may not reconnect some times. in this case delete /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
UI flickring. it will be fixed with 3d.

[B]Status :[/B]

[*]Android 4.0.1 / CM9
[*]Sensors (orientation)
[*]SD card
[*]Mobile Phone with audio
[*]Mobile Data

Not Working
[*]FIMG GPU Drivers
If you don’t find a feature listed in working or not working list that means it is not working yet. Please don’t ask for it again and again.



[U][B]IRC Channel For Developers[/B][/U]
Channel: #icsforg3

Cynaogen For Galaxy 3 on its way






Its not long time ago when People were dying for Froyo, and still there are many who are strucked in eclair. But after hugely disappointed by stupid Froyo update which is so buggy.And there is no point that Samsung will release Gingerbread for Galaxy 3 but still A ray of hope is blinking. XDA member Marcellusbe is working on the Cyanogen Port 7 for Galaxy 3. Yup you heard it right “Cynaogen” . This would be the coolest thing for Galaxy 3.

For Those who dont know What is Cyanogen : Its a Rom that is highly customizable and stable rom for Android.

Though he is very early stage of the development. Still he showed us his progress. Marcell has managed to boot the cyanogen with the help of Mumbozver. But there are lots of things which are not working now.

* 2D graphics acceleration
* USB Tethering
* Sound
* Vibrator
* Power Key

Thanks to Marcellusbe For his great work. I am sure lots of people are waiting for your beta release who were going to throw this phone 🙂

Guys Stay Tuned…!!! because I will update his progress eveyday.

-Devilgod (United Devils)

Elegant Blue Theme for Galaxy 3




So here is a new really Elegant and simple theme for Galaxy 3 i5801/i5800.

Use Theme changer for easy installation or simply push these files to system/app by Root explorer.

Here is the Download link. Download both files :

File 1
File 2


Theme Changer for Galaxy 3 i5801/5800


In today’s fast world, People just love shortcuts. As like, it was a big hassle to change framework files to change the theme of your Galaxy 3 Android phone. But here comes a great solution for your problem.

THEME CHANGER a tool designed to change your system files by just 2 clicks. This application is created bt Shreya Agarwal and Neel jinwala. Thanks for there effort. You can even change your system apps with the modded one.

[B]theme changer v1.1[/B]
change log:
-added system apps exchanger (to REPLACE your normal apps with themed apps)! + backup for replaced apps
-can be used to ADD new apps to system/app
-Display list of replaced apks in current session!
-improved ui experience! file manager remembers your last location of selection for that session, so next time you directly jump over there without navigating!
-support for android.policy.jar (if u select this then it will take some more time to reboot, so don’t panic)!
-Added safety! won’t allow u to reboot unless u select both frameworks file!

-do one by one! i.e first select all system apps! n then go to theme changer window n select framework n apply theme! that will be fast n easy! everything in one reboot!
– when u change system apps! go easy on it! give some time (a sec or two) before selecting next file!

So here the Download link and Dont forget to give your feedback:-)

An Awesome and Cool Theme for Galaxy 3



Who dont love Customizations, and when it comes to our Phone that has become a part of our life, which reflects you should also have your taste of theme. So today we have come up with a cool theme for you Galaxy 3 a.k.a apollo.

AnderdenaTek Galaxy

How to install :

NOTE : You need root access for it.

1) You can simply use Theme changer for Galaxy 3 or just simply push the files (framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk) to system/app/ .

So when you are done dont tell us Did you liked it or not??? So till then Bye 😉

Fugumod kernel overclocked Galaxy 3 to 1.3Ghz


From the Past months, There are lots of development in the area of Galaxy 3 i5801/i5800. There are new roms floating around and many customizations, Hacks but a great news is about Overclocking.
In XDA community a developer has ported Fugumod Kernel for our little Galaxy 3 that can overclock it to 1.3Ghz. Yup I said ” 1.3Ghz“.

Yup this little Puppy can roar like a lion. By Using it you can easily notice the improvement in Perfomances. By testing this on Our Galaxy 3 the quadrant score reached to 690 which is really awesome. Thats double from the normal kernel.

Its just not a single feature of this Kernel there are lots more too like Jfs,  ext 2/3/4, reiserfs etc. Lets have a look of that.

*Root ADB.
*Busybox 1.18.4
*Tun support.
*No more RFS at all.
*CIFS support.
*Security fixes.
*Support for early startup script.
*SD card speed up fix.
*rfs, jfs, ext 2/3/4, reiserfs, nilfs2,  btrfs.
*Overclock upto 1.3Ghz

You can download all the kernels from here.

Finally Froyo Update for Galaxy 3 i5801/i5800 in India


Finally Indian users can get a sigh of relief. Samsung has launched Froyo update for Galaxy 3 aka Apollo officially. Now you can successfully update your phone via Kies.

I don’t know why did Samsung made so many users wait. But atlast they did it.

Its build is FROYO.DDJP2
And Baseband version I5801DDJP2.

You can download from here too.

So what you are waiting for just go and update your Galaxy 3. For any question or help. Don’t forget to contact us. Buhbye….!!!!

Best Camera replacement For Your Galaxy 3 i5801/i5800



You too think your Phone stock camera just sucks!!! Then Dont worry you are not alone. Today we have come up with the best camera replacment application for your galaxy 3.

Camera 360 Ultimate is the complete replacment of the default camera app. It has lots of to offer than the stock. Camera 360 turn your phone into a Professional camera  Provides LOMO, HDR,axisshift,draft,ghost,etc. and multiple styles.

It has lots more to customize and you will be amazed by its productivity. You can choose your favorite effect and start taking Amazing shots and one more feature you will love is it saves both the original picture and the modded one. So you can refer both anytime. So what you are waiting just head over to market and download. Trust me its worth and tell us did you like it or not or any advice or recommendation, we will love to hear.

Galaxy 3 On Froyo


Till Yesterday I was one among the people who was cursing the Samsung for not releasing the Froyo for Galaxy 3 a.k.a I5801. I was like dying for froyo like others who are still stuck with the eclair. The negative thoughts of bricking it was stopping me to flash it. But waiting for froyo from the past 4 months made me give up and let me overcome my fear of bricking it. Finally I downloaded the Lestatious Rom from XDA forum and successfully upgraded it to Froyo.

It was nice to see my Galaxy running Froyo. The Phone speed was looking improved, i dont know if it was really or my desire for froyo made an illusion. But I was most happy that I get rid of that Bloody Internal Memory Problem. All the Icons was so colourful and the best thing was,  “Transparent Notification Bar”. Thanks to Lestat.

From past one month there are many improvments in XDA community because the rapid development in the Rom thing. Thats good for Us.

Bugs in Froyo : There was one more thing That was discouraging me to get froyo was bugs. I heard many people facing bugs like Call drops and IMEI no. Lost and all. But Thank God I was lucky. I dint faced any.

Hope Someone port Gingerbread to Galaxy 3 too….

Flashing Guide for Galaxy 3

If you too installed Froyo then Do share please many people need your advice and if you have any doubts of need help please Contact. I would love to help you.