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How to install Google play services (gapps) manually in your spice mi 495 android phone?


For those who use spice mi 495 and
are stuck trying to update Google
apps and are unable to install Google play services with error on screen showing incompatible with other apps using the same shared user id. Here is a tested and working solution.

Steps :-

1.Backup all the data and apps u already have on your phone as we are going for a factory reset. ( To backup current version apks of the
app use root explorer and copy all apks from /data/app and some apks from /mnt/asec/ ).

2.Downloaded latest signed gapps for Android ICS from here (49.64 MB).

3. Turn off your phone.

4. Boot phone in recovery mode( Power off + Volume up) and Wipe data/factory reset. (This is why you need to back up everything.)

5. Flash the latest signed Gapps downloaded earlier.

6. Wipe Dalvik cache and cache partition then reboot.

7. Downloaded the latest version of Google Play Store and installed it. (You can download version 4.5.10 of
play store from here [3.69 MB] )

8. Update all the Gapps via Play Store. (Meanwhile if there are updates for other than Google apps you may update them too.)

9. Then install Google Play Services and done!

Note:- Alternatively in place of
step 7 you can open the Market (Play Store) and tap agree. Then press home and leave it for awhile. After the Play Store is updated, open it and tap agree again. The new Play Store should download Google Play Services and install it for you.

-Shared by Vivek Mishra. A big Thanks to him.


Spice Mobile Service center review – My Experience


Its been a long time when I posted any story. From a month I lived without my Spice MI 495. Because The digitizer(Touch screen) got broken qithout any valid reason. I dont know how? I had kept this phone in my pants.

My Phone is in warranty. But Since it was physical damage. I cant claim anything. So I start finding customer care on internet. My home is near Rewari but I thought it would be better Idea If i hand it to Gurgaon Spice care. I thought they will provide a better service.

On 7th September, I went to Gurgaon, In a hope that I will get back my phone soon. I collected Care address from Internet and went to Sector-14 Gurgaon. But after finding for half an hour. I reached to a shop that was a Videocon center. When I asked them they said that Spice care had been moved to Shiv chowk.

Now I had to find The location. I took an Auto and after going 1 km on foot. I reached Shiv chowk. After a lot of mess i found Spice care. It was writter Videocon services and below that “Sach Collection point”. I thanked God atlast I found it.

I entered in it and found out that its a joint customer care for Videocon and Spice mobile. I handed my phone to them and ask the price of their service. Mr. Rajesh(Care employee) Checked in the PC and replied 1925rupee. It was too much for me. But I have no other option. I said them to make a reciept. I removed my Sim card and memory card and gave it to them. There were two three guys standing beside me and trying to give their phone to them.They made a reciept and ask for advance. I gave him 500rs. Then I asked them, After how many days I will get my phone back. Mr. Rajesh replied One week. I tol him please try to do fast or atleast tell me the correct date by that you can deliever it. He ensured me that Dont worry Sir, within a week we will get it done. You dont have to wait. I felt a sigh of relief and came back home.

6 days went, I tried hard to control myself. But then I called them and ask for the status of the phone. They said that Sir you have to wait one week more. I got sad. Then I asked in a sad voice, After that i will get my phone back na. They said Dont worry Sir, Sure..

13 days went, I called again. I Thought now its been two weeks, They probably have replaced the Digitizer. But again they said the whole thing. Sir you have to wait one more week. My patience was about to break. I want to scream on them but still I collected myself and said Please Sur do it fast. Dont wait me too long. This time again they said, This is the last time sir. I said ok with a broken voice.

On 2st  I called them again. But this time still they said, Your phone touch screeb still had not been replaced. I was about to scream on them. I wanted to say, Is that Service you are providing. But I was helpless. They told me to call again after 25th. I asked, is 25th will be the last date. They said Yes sir till then I am sure you will get it back.

My patience broke. I start feeking empty and lonely without my phone. Everything felt so irritating. Then On 26 the I call them in a hope. But in my Fate there was only waiting. They said, ” Actually Sir there is less stock of this phone touch screen. Thats why you have to wait. I want to cry in front of them and Kick Rajesh or his co-worker. But I couldnt. I came home and start living my life. On 4th october I called them thinking I will never meet my Phone again. On the other end, Rajesh asked my name. I told Sujit Yadav. He ordered me to wait a minute. After a minute He said Sujit Yadav? along with phone number. I replied yes. He replied, Sir your phone is back already. You can cone anytime. I said Thank you God. I was damn happy. It was 12 o clock and very Hot outside. But I dint care i quickly caught a bus and went to the Care.

When I reached there. I told him my name and handed him the reciept. He said sadly, Sir actually We told you the wrong price of the touchscreen. The actual price is 2650Rs. You got a huge discount. I thought now they will ask for more money. I replied. So what can I do. He told, Ok no problem you are lucky. One of his co worker brought my phone and handed it to me. The phone had No battery. I asked them Where is my battery. They acted puzzled. Sir we gave you the battery. See in the reciept we haave written only phone is deposited, pointing to the reciept. But I was sure, I dint take my battery. I try to convince them but they dint then i thought for a second, May be I forgot the battery at home. In a hope, I asked the back cover of my phone. Thwy refused again. They told Sir we deposited only the phone neither the batter nor back cover. I replied confidently, “I can agree that i took battery qith m. But I am damn sure you dint gave back my back cover”. Then Rajesh leaned down and after a few seconds came with a dirty back cover. I recognized it. It was mine only. Becauseit was laminated. Rajesh asked, “Are you sure its yours, not somebody’s? I replied, Yeah Damn sure. Then I thought for a moment he told me that we dont keep back cover and battery then why he said that this back cover could be somebody’s else.

But I dint think much.I was happy that I got my phone back. But i was getting scared What if i dont find my battery at home. There was a cyclone of thoughts revolving in my mind. But I tried to thought positively. When I reached home. I searched everywhere. But I dint get anything. I tried hard to remember. And the last thing I realized was that I gave my battery to them only. But now they are refusing.

I called Mr. Rajesh again and told him that I dont have my battery but he dint listen to me. He told “Sir we dont have your battery. There you were saying that You are not sure about battery but back you are blaming us that we have your battery.”

I was puzzled. I know Now I cant blame them now. It was my mistake. I should be careful. Then I asked them How much it will cost for a new battery. Then he replied 500 but for you i will give you in 450. I saiid Ok. He told me to come now.

I replied, its already 4:30 and it will take 1.5 hours to reach you. I cant come now. Then he said, Sir the battery stock will be over. I want to go that time only but it was already evening. So I simply said No I cant. Then he said Ok sir dont worry. Come tomorrow or whenever you like. I felt something fishy. But All I was concentrating to get outof this mess.

Next day I went there at 10 o clock. Mr. Pardeep one of the employee of Sach collection point was opening the shutter. I asked him about the new battery. He said Sir you have to wait one hour. I said WtF. He replied Sir I dont have that now. I have to bring it from somewhere. You come after one hour. I said ok and went away.

After one hour I came back and asked. I was hoping that again he will make an excuse to irritate me. But he replied positively. i was happy. I told him to give me. He brought a battery and started writing its serial number. A man standing beside me was also talking to him. Mr. Rajesh then told that guy to ask me after how many days i got my phone back. I replied one month with sad voice. Then Rajesh said to him Sir you are lucky, ur phone gets ok in a day. After listening That the man was double happy.

I asked Mr. Pardeep how much for the battery? He  replied, How much we told you when you called us.
I replied,”450″.
“450” he repeated. No Sir. you might heard wrong.
I said, “No Rajesh ji told me that only. Then Pardeep looked at Rajesh. Rajesh said yes and said something in very low voice without making eye contact.

Pardeep handed me the battery and gave me the bill written that I exchanged my battery. I took it. and just came out. I got my phone back. But seriously I was so fed up that I would never want to give back my phone to them. When.i think again it feels like they looted me. If they were so sure about my battery they wpuld have never gave me a new battery in just 450rs. The service they provided me was worst or may be I was Unlucky. I dont know. But now I am confused again That is these cheap phones worth buying when you look at their service centers?

New Xposed framework themes

Theme Details :


1. Alloy_Holo_theme
2. Alloy_Light_Blue_Theme
3. DeNitE_Leather_Blue_theme
4. Killer red theme
5. Mixer theme
6. Simplex theme


Stock rom for Spice MI-495


Alternative Download link

Finally I uploaded the stock Rom of Spice Steller Virtuoso MI-495. So now no need to worry, Try modding as much as you can and post your feedbacks so everybody can try them.

Here is the Download Link

There is a link of the stock rom on the Spice official site, you can try . Here is the Download link

How to take screenshot in Spice MI-495 Android phone


To take screenshots on your Spice Steller Virtuoso Mi-495

1) Just Press Power off button+ Volume down button at the same time and the screenshot will be saved in the Gallery

So easy, Have Fun:)

How to Backup your stock rom? (For any Android device including MTK devices)

I own a new Spice Steller Virtuoso MI-495 Android phone and I am Modder type guy, I can’t wait to tinker my fingers with every device I got. I have experimented alot with roms, themes, patches and usually I get into trouble. So to overcome this problem I always have a backup of my rom for future.

So people like me who love to experiment, Today I have brought a tutorial to have a complete backup of your stock rom. So if you think at present moment your phone is completely fine so why not backup it.


Here are the steps:-

1)(If you have a mtk device) Root the device with this method.


You can try, Universal root or z4root android Application.

2) Get yourself this Customwork mod recovery.

3) Reboot into recovery and go to Backup and Restore.

4) Choose Backup format to .tar as default it will be .dump

5) Choose Backup. As simple as That.

Have fun.

Clockworkmod Recovery v6 ported to Spice Steller Virtuoso MI-495

Finally I have ported Clockworkmod recovery for our little beast, “Spice MI-495”. So here is the steps to flash this.


1) First root you phone by this method.

2) Download “MobileUncletools” from Playstore.

3) Just place this recovery in your sd card.

4) Open Mobileuncletools and give root permissions, now click on recovery update.

It will automatically detect the new recovery and install it..have fun Guys.