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There are mant truth about Life Many can’t Believe….

Cool Facts #1


While in a relationship, men are twice as likely to lie than women.

Over their entire lifetime, a man will average a little less than a total 3 hours of orgasm.

If you live in Switzerland, you’re not allowed to flush your toilet after 10PM.

Jim Carrey dropped out of high school at 16 to focus completely on comedy and never finished his education.

In 1938 a radio broadcast called “The War of the Worlds” tricked millions of Americans into thinking aliens were invading.





10 things you don’t know about Paul the Octopus


Paul the octopus , he has become one of the sensation of this year. He has become a Pundit by who everybody wanna know their Future. But there are many things you don’t know about him. So here are ten things you don’t know about paul the octopus.

1) He is originally from Waymouth: Paul was actually born In Weymouth and moved from the Town’s Sea life park in 2006. “ I think it was his faith that brinhgs him here to reveal his hidden abilities” said Fiona Smith from Sea Life Park.

2) He is  a Breaking News Star: Paul have gained so much popularity that German News channel NTV has started to broadcast his prediction Live on Tv .

3) He is on Wanted Boards:  Yup , there are many who want to cook him. Argentine Chef Nicolas Bedorrou was so angry after Paul correctly predicted his team would lose the quarter-final match with germay that He suggested a way to cook the octopus. He posted on facebook: “ We will chase him and put him on some paper  then we will beat him and put him in Boling water.

4) He is more famous than Tom Cruise : Paul has become  so famous that all the Web world got flooded byt the posts for him. He has more fans on social networking sites than Tom Cruise. Hats Off to him.

5) Girls wants him: According to a survey  , Over 81% of the girls said that they want him in their bedroom so that they can make love with him( Arghh..I hate him…) so go and kill him.

6) He’s got good track record: Paul began to predict Germany’s results during the Euro 2008 tournament correctly choosing the winner in four of Germany six matches. He predicts Germany to win every match but was wrong when they lost to Croatia and in the final to Spain. So far at the World cup 2010, Paul has correctly predicted the winner of each of Germany’s five matches.

7) He is an Intelligent creature: Octopuses are highly intelligent animals and have a strong short and long term memory. Fiona Smith from Weymouth sea life park said, “Octopuses like Paul are very intelligent. They have equal intelligence to Dogs and they love problem solving.

8) He is not a Cheater: Paul predicts results by opening one of the two flag covered plastic food container. Tanja Muzing containers are rigged. She said, “There are no tricks, in the two containers the food is same except the Flags”.

9) He costs more than 30 million dollars: There are many billioners out there who want to buy Paul like the world richest Man Carlos Slim. According to a U.S Magazine, Paul’s prize is more than 30 million and people are willing to pay for Him.

10)He is not scared of death threats: According to Oliver Waleciak, his keeper, “Paul is not scared of death threat sent by Argentine supporters who blame Paul for their World Cup exit.

He said, “There are many people who want to kill or eat our Paul but he is not shy or scared and we are here to protect him.

So here were 10 things Yoy dont Know Paul…