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Be Emotional but not too much

They say, “Our experiences made us“. Good or Bad it all depend on your attitude. We are human and the best thing that Almighty gave us is the emotions. Love, Hate, Anger, Happiness, Frown, Lust, Sadness. Its all that makes us our life more meaningful and beautiful. Without these this Life will be just like a faded cloth. No colour, No happiness.


But in a fast and evolving society sometimes we just became so used to emotions that we start using them to attract attention or to show our pain or Anger, and later this becomes a problem A serious Problem!

I mean try to remember the person who is always sad, who talks like God is giving pain to only him, or try to remember a person on your social networking account who just post Sad statuses or depressive ones. People considered them “Drama Queen, Nautankis” whatever. But its just that they are being too emotional. They take every bad moment as a bad experience, they dont realize that there is Good in every bad experience. “You can either learn from it or run from it”.

Same thing applies for “Sachhe Lovers(True Lovers). I know many would say There are no such people but trust there are so many but the problem is they are also struck with the wrong persons who makes them not to trust the other person next time. Its a good thing they are being true but the problem is this that being so messed up in putting all yours in love always lead to Depression or can be problematic. I am not saying that you start unbelieving your partner. Love someone truely but not as much that you start to feel no difference in Right or wrong. I want to give a example of my true story, That when I was in 11th I was so deeply in love with the girl that I start stealing money from my own house just to give her gifts. Just to make her smile I used to cheat on my parents. Is that a good thing that to make someone smile you have to hurt someone else.

Another issue is Anger, “65 percent of the people today are short tempered” according to a study. and may be you would be too. But this emotion always get people in trouble. It have murdered lots of relations which can be saved by just saying sorry or acting in a calm way. But when Man feel anger he forgets everything and later he regret his actions. Today only my cousin’s friend was attacked by a knife by a neighbourhood guy whom he had a fight yesterday. I mean is that right that you try to kill someone over little fight? Is someone life is so cheap? Or your anger is so dominating that you can not stop yourself.

My motto is not to make you bore but I want you to understand that Feel the emotions but not much that they start to control you. You are the master of your mind not the other way round. Always remember as Robin sharma said, “A mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible Master”. Feel Love, Lust, Passion, Pain, Sadness every emotion but not too much So stop being so emotional and start to live your life for a Purpose.

Live Life to the Fullest

Life’s little instructions:

Life is a journey


-Spend your time and energy
creating, not criticizing

-Where there is a hill to
climb, don’t think waiting will
make it smaller

-Spend your time lifting
people, not putting them down

-Remember that what you
give will afford you more
pleasure than what you get


-Accept the fact that
regardless of how many times
you are right, you will be
sometimes wrong

-Give children toys that are
powered by their imagination,
not by batteries

-Never laugh at anyone’s

-Love deeply and passionately.
You might get hurt, but it’s
the only way to live life

-Rake a big pile of leaves
every autumn and jump in
them with someone you love

-Don’t let your family get so
busy that you don’t sit down
at least one meal a day

-Never be the first to break
a family tradition


-Remember that everyone you
meet is afraid of something,
loves something, and has lost

-Remember the 3 Rs: Respect
for self, respect for others,
and responsibility for all your

-Never betray a confidence

-Remember that everyone is
influenced by kindness

-Don’t let a little dispute
injure a great friendship

-Don’t overlook life’s small
joys while searching for the
big ones

-When you have the choice of
2 exciting things, choose the
one you haven’t tried


-Give people more than they
expect and do it cheerfully

-Remember no time spent
with your children is wasted

-Make the rules for your
children clear, fair, and

-Life will sometimes hand you
a magical moment. Savour it!

-Everyone loves praise. Look
hard for ways to give it to

-Don’t expect the best gifts
to come wrapped in pretty
paper you.


-Hold your child’s and your
loved one’s hands as often as
you can. The time will come all
too soon when they won’t let