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A poem about keeping faith in God


Zindagi humesha yuhi karvate badalati rahegi,
Kabhi roti toh kabhi hasti rahegi,
Aaj tanha ho toh niraash naa hona,
Kabhi rahoge akele toh kabhi sath basti rahegi…

Waqt humesha ek sa nahi hoga,
Aaj dukh ki raate hai toh khuskhiyo ka kal bhi hoga,
Dil me chhipe bharose ko kabhi tootne na dena,
Aaj musibato ka sailaab hai toh kal hal bhi hoga….

Kismat aise maud pe le jayegi bhi,
Jo karna nahi chahte the, wo karwayegi bhi,
Umeedo ki patang ko darr kar kabhi chhodna nahi,
Aaj ye Zamee par hai toh kal bulandiya payegi bhi….

Zindagi ki har raah pe ek imitihaan aayega,
Apno se tu khud ko milo door payega,
Jab himmat jawaab dene lage toh khuda ko yaad karna,
Agar wo yaha tak laya hai, toh aage bhi le jayega…..

-Sujit Kumar Yadav

Micromax Canvas 4 is coming soon


The Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 was a hit. that started a new range of big screened smartphones from Micromax, and after the success of the Canvas HD , Micromax seems ready for yet another device, called the “Canvas 4″.
Micromax teased the side-facing image of the upcoming phone and the ever important pre-booking date of June 28. The side facing image of the phone suggests a metallic finish, with a large volume rocker and a plastic band, supposedly for boosting the antenna performance. The camera hump on the backs seems slightly visible and the back cover might be glassy considering what we can see from the picture. The long nature of the device also suggests the screen size might be even larger than the 5 inch Canvas HD. But we are now left wanting for more.

Will it be a 1080p screen? Will it be actually of better build than the Canvas HD? Is this going to be another device aimed at courting budget minded users wanting a Galaxy S4?

What do you think?

Cool Facts #1


While in a relationship, men are twice as likely to lie than women.

Over their entire lifetime, a man will average a little less than a total 3 hours of orgasm.

If you live in Switzerland, you’re not allowed to flush your toilet after 10PM.

Jim Carrey dropped out of high school at 16 to focus completely on comedy and never finished his education.

In 1938 a radio broadcast called “The War of the Worlds” tricked millions of Americans into thinking aliens were invading.