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Journey of Life : Sujit Yadav


This is not a poem, These are not just lines. It may be few words for somebody. But for me Its my feelings…something that I am so attached to…To my village , To my friends, To my Life…its for you all…

Aaj bhi waha kuch nahi badla. Wo raaste waise hi hai, wo galiyan utni hi tanha hai. Log aaj bhi apne kaam me usi tarah masgool hai jaisa mai chhod kar gaya tha.

Chidiyo ka chahchahana wahi hai, bulbul ka gaana wahi hai. Baarish ki bundo ko bhi pehchanta hun, Bas khud ko nahi..

Mitti ki wo mehak yuhi barkaraar hai, wo Kadmo ke nishaan wahi hai. Unse judi yaade Jehan me hai, bas hai nahi, toh mera wajood, Jo ab sabse juda hai..

Mere jaan ke baad bhi Chaand utna hi tez chamakta hai, hawaaye aaj bhi dil me tapish liye firti hai. Jugnu aaj bhi roshni sath kar bhi, raasta bhatak jaate hai…

Chulhe ki raakh, aaj bhi shamaa ke intezaar me hai. Kone me padi charpayi aaj bhi kisi ko aagosh me lene ko tayyar nazar aati hai.

Wo chhoti chhoti galiya, jinpar kabhi taktaki lagaye baithe rehte the, unpar ab Musafir aate toh hai. Par uske aane ki aas nahi..

Kheto ki pagdandi par ab apni railgaadi nahi dauda karti. Wo purani tubewell hamara badan bhigoya nahi karti. Kinaro pe lage ped aaj bhi Jawaa hai. Maano unhe kisi ki nazar lagaa nahi karti…

Chaupaal aaj bhi Bujurgo se bhari rehti hai. Aaj bhi yaha koi baazi jeet raha hota hai. To koi baazi khone ke darr se chilla raha hota hai.

Wo ghutne pe chalne waale bacche daudne lage hai. Cycle walo ko bhi picche chhodne lage hai. Kal tak Kaliyaan thi jo, ab phool ban chuki hai. Muhalle me naye naye ladko ke chakkar lagne lage hai….

Waqt kitni tezi se badal raha hai. Kal tak in raasto par chalta tha main, Aaj mera jism kisi aur raah par chal raha hai…

Sochta tha mere jaane ke baad kya hoga. Par ab mehsoos hota hai ki maano kisi ko meri parwaah hi nahi. Par mera dil samjhta hai. Samjhata hai ki Zindagi kabhi kisi ke liye nahi rukti. Log aate jaate rahenge. Zindagi ke rango me doob ke nahate rahenge. Mera kirdaar khatm hua, ab mujhe aage badhna hai…Bas ye yaado ke silsile satate rahenge….

Kisi din koi aayega, Jo iss Diary pe dhyan dega. Ultega panne aur iss kahani ko payega….Par uske liye ye mehaz kaali syahi se likhe kuch sabd honge. Dekhega, Faadega aur aag me jalaa dega.

Aur iss tarah wo shaksh mujhe raakh me mila dega….


What is the point in becoming Good? when Bad guys get everthing.


I dont understand, But Life seems to be in the favour of “Bad”. Here Bad refers to the people who are arrogant, selfish, careless,and cheater.

When we were kids, we are taught to be a good guy. To ask for permission before taking something or doing all the nice things. But when we saw real life we realized that by being good, nothing is happening.

A good guy spent his life by pleasing others, by being nice to everyone, but what he gets? Nothing. Even people support bad guys. These bad guys got good girls. They get everything in life. From power to woman. Where as good guy are neglected. Most of the good guys gets the girl who spoils his life. Even the girls dont want bad boys.

A good guy never cheat on his parents. He tells them that he want money to go on vacation. But his parents scolds him. They dont give him money.
Where as A bad guy go to the parents and say he want money for a college project. His parents handed him money in a second. They even gets happy that their son is studying so much.

A good guy tells his girl about every girl he talk to. Because she dont want to hide anything from her girl. But still his girl stops him to talk to anyone. She fights with him.
Where as a bad guy sleeps with another woman and go to home and tell her wife that how busy he was in the office and how much he was missing her. His wife is happy because he is so loving and caring.

A good guy do everything to help everyone. But in the end what he gets, “Betrayal”. Where as a bad guy cheat on everyone but still people worship him.

If a bad guy gets everything then why the hell we are taught to be good? What is the point in becoming good if no one cares about you.

And still everyone says, “There are no good people out there”. As if they really care.

What should I do after completing


Since I have completed my in electronics and communication, a big question arises in front of me, “what should I do with my life now?”

I took advices from many people and What I felt, all are lost in his world by the shine of a big car and Money, everybody wants a job that make them Rich, from SSC exams to Jobs in private sector, These advices vary. But when I really think about this, I just get nervous about my future, A big flat or a big car, Is that what we live for?

I want to go in Animation Industry, But my family wants me to find a decent job and settle down. They thinks that there is no future in Animation and they dont have 2 lakhs for the course fee. Deep down I think I can do this course after getting a job and do some savings for the fees, but I know it will be almost impossible to quiet the jobĀ  just to learn animation, If I go on the way told by my family and friends, then I can earn more money. But If I listen to my heart, I know I have to work hard to survive, but one thing i know atleast I will be happy doing the work I love to do. For just a little big house or a car, Should I choose the career i dont like?

Be Emotional but not too much

They say, “Our experiences made us“. Good or Bad it all depend on your attitude. We are human and the best thing that Almighty gave us is the emotions. Love, Hate, Anger, Happiness, Frown, Lust, Sadness. Its all that makes us our life more meaningful and beautiful. Without these this Life will be just like a faded cloth. No colour, No happiness.


But in a fast and evolving society sometimes we just became so used to emotions that we start using them to attract attention or to show our pain or Anger, and later this becomes a problem A serious Problem!

I mean try to remember the person who is always sad, who talks like God is giving pain to only him, or try to remember a person on your social networking account who just post Sad statuses or depressive ones. People considered them “Drama Queen, Nautankis” whatever. But its just that they are being too emotional. They take every bad moment as a bad experience, they dont realize that there is Good in every bad experience. “You can either learn from it or run from it”.

Same thing applies for “Sachhe Lovers(True Lovers). I know many would say There are no such people but trust there are so many but the problem is they are also struck with the wrong persons who makes them not to trust the other person next time. Its a good thing they are being true but the problem is this that being so messed up in putting all yours in love always lead to Depression or can be problematic. I am not saying that you start unbelieving your partner. Love someone truely but not as much that you start to feel no difference in Right or wrong. I want to give a example of my true story, That when I was in 11th I was so deeply in love with the girl that I start stealing money from my own house just to give her gifts. Just to make her smile I used to cheat on my parents. Is that a good thing that to make someone smile you have to hurt someone else.

Another issue is Anger, “65 percent of the people today are short tempered” according to a study. and may be you would be too. But this emotion always get people in trouble. It have murdered lots of relations which can be saved by just saying sorry or acting in a calm way. But when Man feel anger he forgets everything and later he regret his actions. Today only my cousin’s friend was attacked by a knife by a neighbourhood guy whom he had a fight yesterday. I mean is that right that you try to kill someone over little fight? Is someone life is so cheap? Or your anger is so dominating that you can not stop yourself.

My motto is not to make you bore but I want you to understand that Feel the emotions but not much that they start to control you. You are the master of your mind not the other way round. Always remember as Robin sharma said, “A mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible Master”. Feel Love, Lust, Passion, Pain, Sadness every emotion but not too much So stop being so emotional and start to live your life for a Purpose.

Why India just dont start a war against Pakistan?

I always encountered a similar question from people around me saying, “Why India dont start a war against Pakistan ,we can easily destroy them and Blah blah blah. India and Pakistan are enemy from the past 65 years and we know that whether how much our politicians or someone say that We are friends but everybody knows that Story is far different from this.

We always see them as our enemy rather than our friend. Sometimes, In ideal time when people start talking about Random topics, from celibrites to politics. The topic against Pakistan is not a new thing to Us and there comes a point in the discussion when one of them will say that why India just start a war against them and destroy them in a minute. But Many people dont think about the loss a war creates.

1) Dont forget they are also an Atomic Bomb powered country


There is saying, “You should never take your enemy lightly”. We are also a nucleur power country with a great Army but we should not forget that starting a war can lead to a Nuclear war that will damage the whole country.

2) UN and other country pressure


If we start a war, United Nations will surely interfere and even United states will too. And their pressure will be on our country to compromise on the situation

3) Danger to Economy –

This is one of the biggest reason. india and Pakistan both are Under developed country and starting a war will be harmful to ther economy amd lead to many problems like Inflation, more Unemployment, loss of Infrastructure and even lives of people.

4) They are also like Us –


We should not forget that they are also Human like us. They also have families, and lives like we all do. May be we are enemy from ages but there was a time when we were one. And we should not forget the people we will kill will be only ours.

5) War –


I remember a quote that I want to share and its true, “War is good for those who have never experienced of it”.
Many people who just blow words out of their mouth dont kbow what a war is. And I want to ask them a simple question that If You can see your little innocents kids or Family dying, or destryed in pieces in a seconds in front of your eyes then Sure India should start a war.

I would love to hear comments and critics.

Have You even been in this situation?


Have You even been in this situation?

You have to be at the moment to realize whats this all about:-(

Can Any person love two person at the same Time?


This question was very strange for me first, When one of my friend asked me. I have loved truely:) around 10 girls but not at the same time. Yeah some will question that it will not be true if you have loved so many girls, but seriously Its true. May be because I understood the fact not everyone will be always with you. And i still miss my last girlfriend but anyway.

As once an old guy said to me, “Sujit, all the answers is within you, and dont worry Life will give you a chance to find all the answers”

And Life gave me that chance, 4 months ago I was in in same situation, there were two girls both I liked very much but the problem was choosing the one and breaking the heart of another. I was stucked in the situation where I can choose anyone but when I clearly thought, i understood I was just in Illusion. Let me explain you, let you girls A and B. Girl A was one of my old friend and B was just a girl i met few days ago. But I was attracted more to Girl B. Because the reason was she was more funny and understanding but when I opened my mind a little bit more then I realized one of the reason was she was someone I dont have, Our mind attract to those things more that we dont have.

So I thought I liked her more and i was afraid to lose the another girl too because I was being selfish at that point of time. Because I was thinking that if girl B will ever leave me I would be still having Girl A. But tgis was too stupid. I was so bad when i think about this now. So i left both and I understood I dont love any of them, i was wasting their and my time too. Its better to live alone than ruining someone life. And one poiny was sure there is no side by side love at a time. Its fake so get a life and live better:)

Innocense of Muslims – controvertional Video sets America in Fire

Innocence of Muslims , previously
called Innocence of Bin Laden
(working title: Desert Warrior,
YouTube titles The Real Life of
Muhammad and Muhammad Movie
Trailer ), is an anti-Muslim amateur
2012 film produced by Nakoula
Basseley Nakoula. [1]


Attacks on
Western institutions in the Muslim
world following distribution of
excerpts of the film resulted in dozens
of deaths, and hundreds of injuries.
Months after it was shown one time in
a Hollywood theater, two film trailers
were released on YouTube , in July
2012. The trailers were dubbed into
Arabic, and then spread by Egyptian-
American blogger and Coptic Christian
Morris Sadek.[2]
On September 8, 2012, a two-minute
excerpt from the film was broadcast
[3] on Al-Nas TV , an Egyptian Islamist
television station. Violent protests
against the film broke out on
September 11. The protests spread to
Libya, Yemen and other Arab and
Muslim nations over the following
days, included the 2012 diplomatic
missions attacks , including an attack
on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi,
Libya , that resulted in the deaths of
U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens
and three other Americans. [3] The
film has sparked protests around the
world that have resulted in over three
dozen deaths, and hundreds of
Visual depictions of Muhammad are
considered forbidden in some
traditions of Islam: although the main
scripture of Islam (the Quran ) does
not explicitly forbid images of
Muhammad, there are a few
supplemental teachings (hadith ) that
do. [4][5][6][7] Since the 16th century,
representations of Muhammad and
other revered people have generally
been forbidden. [8][9] Islamic
fundamentalism considers any
pictorial representation of
Muhammad an offence. [8] Any
depiction of Muhammad, written or
graphic, that displays either the
person or his teaching in an
unfavourable manner is widely
considered as blasphemy.
Content and commentary
Sky News alleged the film clip was
“anti-Muslim” and “designed to
enrage”. [10] According to Reuters
news service the film trailer portrayed
Muhammad as a “fool, a philanderer
and a religious fake”; [11] NBC News
said the trailer depicted Muhammad
“as a womanizer, a homosexual and a
child abuser .”[12] The video opens
with Egyptian Muslims burning the
homes of Egyptian Christians while
Egyptian security forces are standing
idle. [13] The following scene goes
back to Muhammad’s time. His wife
Khadija is shown to create the Quran
out of Old and New Testament verses;
the film portrays this as the founding
of Islam . [14] Muhammad’s followers
are portrayed as “savage killers
hungry for wealth and bent on killing
women and children.” [15] In the
excerpt of the film and the trailer, the
character of Muhammad calls a
donkey “the first Muslim animal”. [16]
with Time describing the scene as
showing Muhammad having a
“homoerotic, one-sided conversation
with a donkey”. [17]
Critics panned the film. It “includes
not a single artistically redeemable
aspect at all.” The directing is
“atrocious”; the sets “terrible”; the
acting consists of “their blank eyes
and strained line readings”. [18] It has
been called an “obscenely inept vanity
project” that is “far beneath any
reasonable standard of
moviemaking.” Neumaier concludes,
“Even if you believe that art can be
blasphemous, you’d have to consider
this thing art first. And that is
impossible to imagine.” [19]
Muslim filmmaker Kamran Pasha
commented that the film’s portrayal
was “utterly alien to the Islam of love
and gentleness” he knew. He noted
that although some accounts
described Muhammad’s
consummation of marriage with Aisha
at the age of nine, others disagreed;
although Muhammad was
polygamous, his household was
“embarrassingly modest” compared
to the harems of powerful men of the
time; and that the killing of members
of the Banu Qurayza was according to
the Torah and comparatively merciful
for the era. [20]