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Is that what we live for?

I know this question does not relate to anyone. But its about a serious issue we are facing today.


There is an illegal wineshop near our home. Many hooligons come there to drink. They are always a trouble for the colony. They dont care about anyone. They drove their bikes fast, even if the kids are playing the street. They just dont care. Today one of our neighbour stopped one of them and told him to drive slow. But he start arguing with him. Then the wineshop owner(One of the hooligon) came and try to convince all the people there. Telling him not to argue. Everything seem ok. But after a few minutes, that hooligon called his other friends. They came and start yelling, “Now come out. we will see who will stop us”. We all got frieghtned. I opened our door and saw no one was outside in our street except them. They were using abusive words. Few of the people gathered and started enjoying the show. After few minutes they went away.

After half an hour, our neighbour( who stopped those hooligons) was standing near a shop and talking to some people of the colony. Those hooligons came again. I was not there. But my brother told me everthing. They start beating him. Everyone was looking at them but no one was stopping them. My father opened the gate and ran to stop them. But they also caught my father. My younger brother and mother also got into the fight to stop them. But they din’t stop. They hit a Beer bottle on his face. After beating cruely and breaking his nose. They left us and ran away on their bikes. Suddenly the whole colony was there. Everyone was just talking about the incident. Everyone one of them was saying that they should be in jail but no one wants to step out. Bo one wants to be a witness in the court.

My father and other neighbour went to the Police station but the police dont want to take a strict action. Their behaviour is so disgusting I cant tell. They are just there for compromise and bribe. Everything is so frustating.

I wonder what is happening. We all are taught to be a true man and to fight against bad. But no one is doing this. Police knew about that illegal wineshop from years but no actions are being taken. The whole colony know about this but no one want to step out against them. Everybody just talk from their behind. I know we all are scared. But by unity we can do anything.

People just complain. I dont know what will happen? I know these types of incident will happen again. But why are we teaching our kids those lessons about being brave, fight against evil, blah blah blah, when we also dont have the courage to fight back.


What is the point in becoming Good? when Bad guys get everthing.


I dont understand, But Life seems to be in the favour of “Bad”. Here Bad refers to the people who are arrogant, selfish, careless,and cheater.

When we were kids, we are taught to be a good guy. To ask for permission before taking something or doing all the nice things. But when we saw real life we realized that by being good, nothing is happening.

A good guy spent his life by pleasing others, by being nice to everyone, but what he gets? Nothing. Even people support bad guys. These bad guys got good girls. They get everything in life. From power to woman. Where as good guy are neglected. Most of the good guys gets the girl who spoils his life. Even the girls dont want bad boys.

A good guy never cheat on his parents. He tells them that he want money to go on vacation. But his parents scolds him. They dont give him money.
Where as A bad guy go to the parents and say he want money for a college project. His parents handed him money in a second. They even gets happy that their son is studying so much.

A good guy tells his girl about every girl he talk to. Because she dont want to hide anything from her girl. But still his girl stops him to talk to anyone. She fights with him.
Where as a bad guy sleeps with another woman and go to home and tell her wife that how busy he was in the office and how much he was missing her. His wife is happy because he is so loving and caring.

A good guy do everything to help everyone. But in the end what he gets, “Betrayal”. Where as a bad guy cheat on everyone but still people worship him.

If a bad guy gets everything then why the hell we are taught to be good? What is the point in becoming good if no one cares about you.

And still everyone says, “There are no good people out there”. As if they really care.