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Is that what we live for?

I know this question does not relate to anyone. But its about a serious issue we are facing today.


There is an illegal wineshop near our home. Many hooligons come there to drink. They are always a trouble for the colony. They dont care about anyone. They drove their bikes fast, even if the kids are playing the street. They just dont care. Today one of our neighbour stopped one of them and told him to drive slow. But he start arguing with him. Then the wineshop owner(One of the hooligon) came and try to convince all the people there. Telling him not to argue. Everything seem ok. But after a few minutes, that hooligon called his other friends. They came and start yelling, “Now come out. we will see who will stop us”. We all got frieghtned. I opened our door and saw no one was outside in our street except them. They were using abusive words. Few of the people gathered and started enjoying the show. After few minutes they went away.

After half an hour, our neighbour( who stopped those hooligons) was standing near a shop and talking to some people of the colony. Those hooligons came again. I was not there. But my brother told me everthing. They start beating him. Everyone was looking at them but no one was stopping them. My father opened the gate and ran to stop them. But they also caught my father. My younger brother and mother also got into the fight to stop them. But they din’t stop. They hit a Beer bottle on his face. After beating cruely and breaking his nose. They left us and ran away on their bikes. Suddenly the whole colony was there. Everyone was just talking about the incident. Everyone one of them was saying that they should be in jail but no one wants to step out. Bo one wants to be a witness in the court.

My father and other neighbour went to the Police station but the police dont want to take a strict action. Their behaviour is so disgusting I cant tell. They are just there for compromise and bribe. Everything is so frustating.

I wonder what is happening. We all are taught to be a true man and to fight against bad. But no one is doing this. Police knew about that illegal wineshop from years but no actions are being taken. The whole colony know about this but no one want to step out against them. Everybody just talk from their behind. I know we all are scared. But by unity we can do anything.

People just complain. I dont know what will happen? I know these types of incident will happen again. But why are we teaching our kids those lessons about being brave, fight against evil, blah blah blah, when we also dont have the courage to fight back.


Drawing Elsa from Frozen

From many days, I haven’t posted any update. I am not drawing much. Because I was focusing marketing my book. My another blog page rank has decreased drastically. I dont know what happened. Today I tried drawing Elsa from Frozen. She is beautiful and sexy.


digital art tutorial







I am not coloring any of the drawings. Instead of that i am thinking to create an android game. But I am not able to create a character for it. I still have to learn alot about graphics design. As you can see in screeshots, there are lots of doodling in my drawing notebook. It was done my Moni. He completely filled it with color lines and awkward shapes. But he is a little child and learning. Hope he keep drawing all his life 🙂

02 Feb 2014- My progress with learning cartooning


Yesterday i practiced hairstyles. Today i tried to draw female head. But literally most of them sucks. I think i have to look up some tutorials to help myself out. I downloded some books too. But haven’t reading any. I think i should try that hairstyle exercise once again. Although i am gonna learn female head tutorials in the night and try something new. I still have a long way to go. But I am ready.

1 Feb 2014:- what did i do today-2


Tried some hairstyles to draw. Girls are complicated to understand and draw. But I ll not give up. I am thinking to download any book on anatomy.

01 Feb 2014 – What did i do today?

I have been learning drawing from past 4 months. Its a self help approach. I haven’t learnt much. But i am getting better. So here is what did i do today?


-Sujit Yadav

New Airtel free internet Trick 2013 (Browse + free download)

We have some trick to access free internet only for our readers.


Airtel Free Gprs Trick for Mobile (Browse + Download Support)

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Wallpaper Wizardrii – A perfect Application for setting wallpapers on your Android phone

When I bought my first Android phone, The first thing I got dissappointed with was Wallpapers, we couldn’t use Portrait Wallpaper. I have lots of beautiful wallpaper that couldn’t be set. It was a huge dissappointment.It was due to the Landscape resolution of the phone. I searched forums and blogs for a solution but came back with empty hands. And after a year finally, “A Developer – Twisted Apps ” listened to us and provided a great app.

Wallpaper Wizardrii

Set your own images, Portrait,Landscape, and Crop; all with No Scroll or Scroll. Check out set Exact or Crop Exact! Set images from WW, file browser, or Android’s Gallery (Share as). Check Home App compatibility with No Scroll option (only). Invert, flip, rotate, greyscale, share, and resize images too.

So why waiting? download and try it by yourself.


My first Game


Though I have a little prior experience with Game maker. But I thought it would be better if i start to learn it again because now Ge maker Studio is out and i want to create and publish Android games. So I created my first one level basic Breakout game. This is the game i created years ago when I first read a tutorial in Digit Magzine. This time I just add a new power bar for special power. Its just a basic and simple Game made in Game maker but after completing it I feel good.

Note: This is a sample image of breakout Game and downloaded from internet.

Diary of a Girl – Sujit Yadav


Mujhe Army officer ban na hai. Bachpan se bas yahi sapna tha. Daddy kaha karte the ki ek din meri raani beti hamar naam roshan karegi.

Mujhe exam dena jaana tha. Mai bus stand pe bus ka intezaar kar rahi thi. Us din koi bus hi nahi aa rahi thi. Maine auto wale bhaiya ko haath diya par sab full the. Tabhi ek school bus aake ruki. Usme se mere papa ki umar ka aadmi bahar aya bola beti kaha jaana hai. Mera us bus me jaane ka mann nahi tha par jaldi thi. Us bus me kuch or bhi aadmi baithe toh mujhe jyaada dikkat nahi hui.

Mai bas apne exams ke baare me soch rahi. Soch rahi thi ki agar Pass ho gyi toh Papa ko kitna garv hoga. Mummy seene se lagaa khub pyaar karegi. Apni pehli payment se Papa or Mummy ke liye ek acha sa present laungi.

After one hour,

Mai road par padi thi. Tann par ek kapda bhi na tha. Aankho ke saamne andhera tha bus. Aansu chhalak chhalak mere gaalo ko bhigo rahe the. Bas aawaze sunayi de rahi thi, par kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha. Bas un darindo ke chehre nazar aa rahe the. Mai hilna chahti thi par hil nahi paa rahi thi. Log bas mujhe tamashe ki tarah khade dekh rahe the.

Maine gardan thodi si ghumayi toh apne kandhe pe un darindo ke Naakhuno se bane gehre ghaav ko dekha jis se khoon nikal raha tha. Mai sochne lagi ki papa jab is ghaav ko dekhenge wo mujhe kitna daantenge. Wo meri bahut care karte hai. Agar chhoti si chot bhi lag jaaye toh wo mujhe daante hai ki kaam araam se kiya karo Priya.

Do aadmiyo ne mujhe utha Van me leta diya or mere badan par kambal dhak diya.
Mai bas ye soch rahi thi, Mummy papa se kya kahungi? Ki Maa mai officer nahi ban paayi, kaise kahungi ki Maa jo wo meri saadi ke khubsurat sapne sazaa muskuraya karti thi wo toot chuke hai. Kaise nazre milaungi Papa se? Kaise unhe kahungi ki mere saath kya hua? Mujhe chinta hai Papa ki ap society walo ki baato ka kya jawaab doge.

Papa mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai. Mai bas kehna chahti hu ki Sorry mai ek achi beti nahi ban saki saayad. Ab mujhse koi shaadi nahi karega. Mummy meri haatho pe mehndi nahi racha payengi.

Mujhe nahi pataa ye mere saath kyu hua. Maine kabhi kisi ka bura nahi chaha. Mai bas jaate jaate ye puchna chahti hu sabse kya Ladki hona Gunaah hai?

Why India just dont start a war against Pakistan?

I always encountered a similar question from people around me saying, “Why India dont start a war against Pakistan ,we can easily destroy them and Blah blah blah. India and Pakistan are enemy from the past 65 years and we know that whether how much our politicians or someone say that We are friends but everybody knows that Story is far different from this.

We always see them as our enemy rather than our friend. Sometimes, In ideal time when people start talking about Random topics, from celibrites to politics. The topic against Pakistan is not a new thing to Us and there comes a point in the discussion when one of them will say that why India just start a war against them and destroy them in a minute. But Many people dont think about the loss a war creates.

1) Dont forget they are also an Atomic Bomb powered country


There is saying, “You should never take your enemy lightly”. We are also a nucleur power country with a great Army but we should not forget that starting a war can lead to a Nuclear war that will damage the whole country.

2) UN and other country pressure


If we start a war, United Nations will surely interfere and even United states will too. And their pressure will be on our country to compromise on the situation

3) Danger to Economy –

This is one of the biggest reason. india and Pakistan both are Under developed country and starting a war will be harmful to ther economy amd lead to many problems like Inflation, more Unemployment, loss of Infrastructure and even lives of people.

4) They are also like Us –


We should not forget that they are also Human like us. They also have families, and lives like we all do. May be we are enemy from ages but there was a time when we were one. And we should not forget the people we will kill will be only ours.

5) War –


I remember a quote that I want to share and its true, “War is good for those who have never experienced of it”.
Many people who just blow words out of their mouth dont kbow what a war is. And I want to ask them a simple question that If You can see your little innocents kids or Family dying, or destryed in pieces in a seconds in front of your eyes then Sure India should start a war.

I would love to hear comments and critics.