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16 May 2014- Flowing with time

I am not practicing much. I am giving priority to my games and other work. I also bought a book, “Stop thinking and Start living by Richard Carlson.” It is a fantastic read. You should give it a try. I want to prepare myself for any govt. exam. But its not on top of list of things I want to do soon. I have earned 77+ dollars from my blog. But I have recieved only 7 till now. I dont know when Amazon will pay me. The book sales are better than the previous month but still ita not satisfactory. I am thinking to change the book cover and the description. Things are pretty bpring in my life now. But I am finding ways to live passionately. Lets see. Till then check out ny progress.




Hope you will like them:-) Take care and Buhbye…


Mobile photography -2


                         A last hope


                       A fresh start


mobile photography

            I have seen God in her eyes


                    Broken wings

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Never Give Up – My Stupid Life story


I remember in the forth sem, When i was Rich with so many Supleez, I felt like I am not gonna get through this, I always used to think, How will I clear so many exams all at once, If i couldn’t clear 6 exams per sem…I felt like I was at my lowest…

And I told my Mom, “Ki aaj Maine Bhagwaan ke aage do sarte rakhi hai agar ye dono poori ho gayi toh mai maan lunga ki Duniya me chamatkaar hote hai…”

and one of them was, “If I completed my Graduation” and In the last sem, I cleared 10 subjects out of 15 and this time When the datesheet was so horrible and scary, I had given exam in morning and evening continously, and no holidays in between, I felt That God wants to kill me, But In reality He was with me all the time, In my Heart, In my Soul….And This time I cleared all my 14 subjects….I want to Thanks everyone who helped me, Shubham, Sonu, Vicky and many more. But I want to Thanks Naveen Yadav Choura who gave me the best advice, When i said to him , “Yaar kabhi ek zamana tha, Lgta nahi tha ki Fail hounga, But aaj yakeen hi nahi hota ki Saala kisi subject me clear bhi ho paunga…”

and He replied,” Sujit Yaar ek baat dil me baitha le ki Tu clear ho kar rahega, Ye exams tujhe clear karne padenge, or koi tere badle nahi karega, chahe aaj kar ya Do saal baad, Bas University ki Nawz (Nerve) pakad le Ki Pass kaise hote hai, Chahe kuch aata nahi ho fir bhi Likh…Fir dekh”

I owe you brother:) And I realized, “Faith is a very powerful thing in this world, Chahe dil me Himmat naa ho but Dil me Vishwas jarur rakhna…

Now only 5 subjects left between Me and My Degree:) And I know If I can clear 27 supleez and I smash them too.


Live Life to the Fullest

Life’s little instructions:

Life is a journey


-Spend your time and energy
creating, not criticizing

-Where there is a hill to
climb, don’t think waiting will
make it smaller

-Spend your time lifting
people, not putting them down

-Remember that what you
give will afford you more
pleasure than what you get


-Accept the fact that
regardless of how many times
you are right, you will be
sometimes wrong

-Give children toys that are
powered by their imagination,
not by batteries

-Never laugh at anyone’s

-Love deeply and passionately.
You might get hurt, but it’s
the only way to live life

-Rake a big pile of leaves
every autumn and jump in
them with someone you love

-Don’t let your family get so
busy that you don’t sit down
at least one meal a day

-Never be the first to break
a family tradition


-Remember that everyone you
meet is afraid of something,
loves something, and has lost

-Remember the 3 Rs: Respect
for self, respect for others,
and responsibility for all your

-Never betray a confidence

-Remember that everyone is
influenced by kindness

-Don’t let a little dispute
injure a great friendship

-Don’t overlook life’s small
joys while searching for the
big ones

-When you have the choice of
2 exciting things, choose the
one you haven’t tried


-Give people more than they
expect and do it cheerfully

-Remember no time spent
with your children is wasted

-Make the rules for your
children clear, fair, and

-Life will sometimes hand you
a magical moment. Savour it!

-Everyone loves praise. Look
hard for ways to give it to

-Don’t expect the best gifts
to come wrapped in pretty
paper you.


-Hold your child’s and your
loved one’s hands as often as
you can. The time will come all
too soon when they won’t let