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Aisa waqt aaya hain..

Ek chhoti si poem for all those people who are confused about life, whose faith is long gone, Everything looks faded, and hope is no where to found. Yes, I am one of them and this is what I am feeling right now…


Aisa waqt aaya hai Zindagi me,
bharosa sab se dagmagaya hai,
Khudaa sabd jhutha sa lagta hai,
Khud ko aaj tanhaa paaya hai…

Charo taraf andhera hai maano,
Bhatakta ek jugnu aaya hai,
Mamooli si roshni kya raasta dikhayegi usko,
Sikaar aaj khud chal ke aaya hai…

Bichhde hai sab iss bheed me,
Jeene me abhi mazaa kaha aaya hai,
Saalo se lage hai tayaari me, kuch kar dikhane ki,
Par sayad hamara waqt kaha aaya hai…

Soch soch ke thak jayenge ek din,
Wo upar wala kis mod pe laya hai,
Jab tak samajh payenge iss zindagi ko,
uss din koi kahega, “Chalo upar se tumhara bulawa aaya hai…”

-Sujit Yadav


16 May 2014- Flowing with time

I am not practicing much. I am giving priority to my games and other work. I also bought a book, “Stop thinking and Start living by Richard Carlson.” It is a fantastic read. You should give it a try. I want to prepare myself for any govt. exam. But its not on top of list of things I want to do soon. I have earned 77+ dollars from my blog. But I have recieved only 7 till now. I dont know when Amazon will pay me. The book sales are better than the previous month but still ita not satisfactory. I am thinking to change the book cover and the description. Things are pretty bpring in my life now. But I am finding ways to live passionately. Lets see. Till then check out ny progress.




Hope you will like them:-) Take care and Buhbye…

I made my first 4$ online


From past few months i was living life with such a low motivation. I wan not creating any game, i was not completing my book, i was just learning to draw. But all i was struck at drawing girls. But today I got a surprize when i opened my e-mail. It said, “You sold Game maker for beginners ebook”.

I feel like dying with happiness. I quickly opened my Gumroad account and it was true. My first customer is Mary A Bradley. I always thought nobody will buy it. I also left the idea of updating it. Because i have not completed a chapter. But these 4 dollars fanned those tiny sparks of motivation inside my heart. I worked on this book again after so long. I am damn happy today. I hope i feel the same way everyday. Thanks Mary for making my day.

One thing i understood, “There is no substitute of motivation coming from success only”.

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Sujit Kumar Yadav