Clockworkmod Recovery v6 ported to Spice Steller Virtuoso MI-495

Finally I have ported Clockworkmod recovery for our little beast, “Spice MI-495”. So here is the steps to flash this.


1) First root you phone by this method.

2) Download “MobileUncletools” from Playstore.

3) Just place this recovery in your sd card.

4) Open Mobileuncletools and give root permissions, now click on recovery update.

It will automatically detect the new recovery and install it..have fun Guys.


About Sujit Yadav

Sujit Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. he is also passionate about Animation and Game development. He loves to write poems and loves to draw. he is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and Ddancing.

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  1. if you can please tell me the full procedure in details as i never rooted any phones. THanks. It would be very helpful.

    • http:/

      Procedure to root, if you still dont understand,

      1) Connect your phone as usb mass storage and install the usb drivers present in internal memory.

      2) then disconnect the phone and Go to phone settings>Developers options and turn on USB debugging On

      3) Now connect the phone but this time choose connect as media device option from usb device options.

      4) download the tool mentioned in that post and just select root..

  2. Nice job πŸ™‚
    i got clockwork mode and now
    awaiting for new tips like best custom rom overclock cpu,ram
    hope u will look forward to it and also provide full guide the way u have done so far….

    • Bro I am working hard for creating a custom rom for this device. So I will keep you updated. Dont worry.

      • Well i tink we can use galaxy nexus rom on our spice mi-495
        as they both look like same since they both got same type of touch buttons
        i hope that it may help you
        and plzz tell me that should i try to flash the nexus rom

      • nope dont do that, if it has onscren button that doesnt mean their rom will work on ours…Micromax A90s is almost same except the Resolution. I have learnt to cook the rom but still editing and using tweaks ll take time. so hope for a good rom..and till then take a backup by this recovery it will help you if you soft bricked the phone…

      • Okk then i will not use the google nexus rom
        i am waiting for ur guide…..
        Hope u may be able to produce something wow like cyangogen mod

      • I am gonna try to port Lewa OS for our phone as I am on slow connection, I still havent downloaded thst yet, but in 2-3 days i will download the base rom and start working on it, and Cyanogen is hard to Compile for us because of dual sim and other things…lets hope for good.

      • Well bro i saw the lewa os it is same like original rom wht we hve
        i dont know the difference but i think you shall try something else coz
        by using lewa i think we wont enjoy it…
        so hope u will try to port something new and interesting

      • the problem is that no other rom support dual sim and cyanogen is first need to compile on linux 64 bit that i dont have

    • bro can u provide help me or provide me how to modify cyanogen mod coz i have linux and even gve me how u learnt all this
      Hope i may provide some help…. by using ur help..

      • Bro i am also not a developer, i googled alot..

        try this cyangen compiler. i too dont have more knowledge but you can get help in xda forums. about rom building..good Luck

  3. DId you guys do have the same problem as mine. Does your phone to get heats up when playing games for about 30 mints. Please let me know what to do.

  4. Let me if i can do anything about it. Other than that the phone is really working fine, it also plays HD videos. and games, that i didn’t expect, really good. Even i compare to with my friend S2 its same or i say better than S2. So i am very happy.. Thanks dude for your reviews and rooting details.

  5. I rooted my mi 495 n deleted the browser n youtube app, now can’t open google play and an error sayin stopped pops up whenever I restart, any idea on how to fix it?

  6. please do that soon, thanks, and do give a link to download the root browser

  7. can u please upload the stock rom .

  8. thank u , i will be waiting for ur upload man , love ur work

  9. my email is i have purchased mi-435 and not getting any drivers .wanted to root my phone help

  10. will somebody upload the backup of their stock rom of mi 495 soon?
    its a lot of memory but someone please do it,,, i need to see if it will work on my phone which is facing lots of problem

  11. will there be a jelly bean update for mi495 or can anyone do the update for mi495

  12. u r the hope man
    please try jb update and all the teaks man
    u r our hero

  13. swastik shrivastava

    can you please design a theme chooser app for mi-495?

  14. can u install beats audio on spice mi 495
    please help us update to jb

  15. did beats audio sucessfully work on stock rom , please let me know boss

  16. can u upload cynogen mod for spice mi 495

  17. there is no such mod
    but can u develop rom for cynogen mod for spice mi 495
    i wanna see cynogenmod on the phone man
    please try it

  18. Sujit Yadav,U rock it man!!!!!!!!! Please keep us updated.. Your blogs are way simple to understand and work on.. Wonder if i could connect you through Facebook.. Keep the good work going!! Cheers!!

  19. arey!! but y?? this phone is preety good and so are your blogs,liked it a lot and it took me less than a minute to root it.. so,take a leap,we the users might be lucky enough for another blog from your part on custom RoMs πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  20. i got a ROM for spice…how to share it with you??

  21. Surjit did u tried the new ROM???

  22. Jus one thing. Is there some process to go back to stock recovery in case I decide to put my phone in a sock condition to get it exchanged under warranty?

  23. Any screen shots of the custom Rom and news about its function and work. Please let me know upload the screen shots please. Thank u

  24. Is it jelly bean update or I c s please tell . Waiting for yr reply what more are there in the custom rom.

  25. it is android 4.1.1….n i have nt yet tried…as i am out of statn rgt nw…dnt hv pc to operate further…if u have tried…let me knowww…

  26. surjit…HTC sensation has also same resolutions…so shud we try that ROM??

    • noo… we cant…i triedd…make a new ROM dude…really need sum intersting themed ROM…

      • garv,brothr,it is not easy to build up a rom. sujit bhai is trying his luck to make one. even I too am gonna swing into action after my exams. I am in touch wid a few developer frnds of myn so let’s hope for the best. the problem is they are all over india.
        p.s am not a developer. just trying to compile things using my C program n C++ knowledge πŸ˜‰ n ofcrse wid da hlp f othr devs

      • Actually I have left that work, because of many problems but after exams i will try again too..

      • hey garv,whr did you get that rom from?? could you provide me with the site’s name so dat I could cheq da details as we may end up soft-bricking our cell,propr nai hua to

      • Soft brick se mat darr bhai..we have stock rom..And he told he made it with Android kitchen

    • will also not work..but try to port it..renove the boot.img, port rom guides on net if need help

  27. okk ankan…m waiting… πŸ˜‰

  28. thanxz.. frndz.. nd how can i unroot my stellr. vrtuoso???

  29. harry,preety simple man!! read the above post once again and you would find a way to unroot your phone. you need to tap X if I am not wrong

    • I know that..But what you want me to do…please be more specific

      • do you guys really think it is that easy to build up a rom? and that to just by reading a blog without any concrete knowledge of android development?
        Well Garv,we’re looking forward at your path,presuming that U learned a lot from that blog you just posted..Come up with a rom for us and make us grateful

    • do you guys really think it is that easy to build up a rom? and that to just by reading a blog without any concrete knowledge of android development?
      Well Garv,we’re looking forward at your path,presuming that U learned a lot from that blog you just posted..Come up with a rom for us and make us grateful

      • i kno wthat its not easy to build a ROM…n as u trying m too trying to do with it…so wanted to share it with u guys n thght that few ppl toghtr cn cum to a best solution…
        n dnt presume….

      • I know bro, but its exam time, so everyone is busy..after that only we can work..dont worry we will surely do it.

    • I guess it will take time for some developer to come up with a rom for spice mi-495. Until then enjoy your ice-cream sandwich guys. If you are that desperate to try something,flash a mod. There’re many of ’em available. I shall come up with a blog on Flashing An equaliser mod shortly so stay tunes to Techass.

  30. hi sujit can i install fastboot on mi 495 ?

  31. hi friend . I searched whole interner . I did not any custom rom for my spice mi 495 . finally I installed mmx a110’s rom . my did not switch on again .can u please find me a rom for my device.

  32. clockwork img link not working


    • Actually my phone display is broken..And i have given it for repair..So i will be less available…

      About your issue, may be your using wrong combination of the keys to go into the recovery mode…

      Its been so long i havent been into recovery by hardware buttons, may be its Power button vol. Up key..If it dint work try with vol. Down power key

      • Bhai… Kya.. Android logo k stomach ka dhakkan khula h or uske upar red triangle aa ra h…

        Agar asa h to… Ek kaam karna… Jab logo screen pe aaye means jab aap recovry mod me jao .. To uske baat home button dabana… Yes home button.. Jo phone on rahne par screen k niche aate h 3 onscreen virtual button. Unme se jaha middle button hota h vaha press karna .. Ye button invisible honge bus tum press kar dena… Uske baad dim red color me ek fully changed recovry menu aa jayga.. Jisme tum vol. Up down to scroll and back button to select.. Yes beck button.. Virtual back key… Home key k side wali key… Vaha par fatory reset and data wipe ka option h… It will surely help you…

        I think tumne service centre se software reinstaall karaya h… Check it fast.. And give us response soon…. I m waiting…


      • Arre thanks wali koi baat ni h… Bhaii.. Mahh pleasur.. Is this.. And tell us soon… K ye method kaam kiya k ni…

        And buri baat ye hai k bhai ab tumhare steller ki recovry imag corrupt ho gayi h… So ab na to tum rom install kar sakte ho na rom ka backup bana sakte ho or na hi themes change kar sakte ho… Or ye recovry image means cwm recovry reinstall b ni hogi ab… Sad

    • yesss it wrked

  34. WHERE ARE U BRO JALDI BATAO NAA ??????????????????

  35. Hi surjit…i got to know that your display screen got broke…
    hw much the service centre is charging to you??? in cost…???
    and how much time they have told you??

    • Yeah Bro, They charged me 2000rs for the Touch screen. Yet they told me that the original price is 2650rs. But we are giving you discount.

      And I gave it in a service center Gurgaon. They took one month to give it back. Because they told there is shortage of the touchscreens. But One of the Guy got his touch screen replaced in 2 days. But I was not that lucky.

      A whole post on my experience on this is coming soon.

  36. download link is not working provide me another

  37. Bro plz provide me download link plz plz

  38. Plz give me soon I am waiting

  39. Bro how to download and install google play services in spice. Mi 495 can’t install bro plz tell me soon

  40. Bro can I use other mobile rom in spice mi-495 like samsung rom or micromax etc by puting aur boot.img in rom can I use or what happen I use it and I tried lot and can’t find custom rom for it

  41. And bro can I use lewa os jeallybean after adding aur boot.img and recovery deleting some

  42. i cannot open the recovery of my

  43. hey man i cannot access my recovery. every time i do it the screen displays error i have to remove the battery to restart the phone

  44. Sub.:- For touch screen spice MI-495
    l have a Spice MI495 mobile but that time screen damage it. I want repair it. But in market and spice care have not available screen it. Can u provide me its screen.
    so please provide me a screen of Spice MI-495.
    Vinod Rao

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