Root your Spice steller virtuoso MI -495


Root your Sexy Spice steller Mi 495 in simple steps:

1) Turn on USB debugging from developer options in setting options.

2) Install drivers from usb driver folder present in its internel memory.

3) Connect the cable and click on “Connect as a media device”

4) Download This and open runme.bat


5) Press 1 select Normal mode


Follow the instruction to “Restore my
data”. The process is non-destructive, wait and voila:) You can see superuser app in your app drawer.


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Sujit Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. he is also passionate about Animation and Game development. He loves to write poems and loves to draw. he is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and Ddancing.

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  1. Great work bro 😉
    i have rooted my mobile
    but used pdanet to install my driver as i was unable to find my usb driver folder

  2. you know any custom ROM for spice mi405 ?

  3. swastik shrivastava

    thanks bro i have rooted my mi-495.
    please also tell
    how can i install another rom to spice mi-495?

  4. Hey, Micromax 110, jelly bean rom is out. Does will support Spicemi-495 too. both have the same meditek processor..the only difference is screen resolution.

  5. does this method really works??
    i hope my phn doesnt get bricked after using dis…
    pls rply…
    and also tell the HD games i can play in my stellar 495…
    n 1mr thing…i luv dis phone, it is simply awsum….. 🙂
    bt also needed some information on it as i just bought it 3days back….

    • You should read the comment if you have doubts and this works 100 percent..and I dont have fast Internet connection to try HD games..sorry about that..

      • surjit one more thing…
        i want to know that how shud i transfer my apps frm phone storage to external i.e. SD card….watevr i download it goes to phne storage 1.55GB…
        pls reply

      • Go to Setting> Storage> Preferred installation Location..change it to sd card and to move apps Download Move2sd from Play store..

  6. in Preferred location..SD Card option is not coming…it is just poviding with 1.Phone Storage, 2. Internal storage(agan phone) & 3. Let the system decide. options…
    now what to do?

    • how can it be..its showing sd card in my phone..Try move2sd from Play store..

      • i am using AP2SD…but it is alsi giving me option to move files/apps from phone memory to internal phone memory…m nt able to use mermory card at all…expct songs, images or videos which i put frm my computer…rest my phone is nt using SD card for apps…

      • then only one option left ia ti Root and install cwm recovery and install the stock rom provided here.

  7. HIII…surjit i had ZTE BLADE earlier…& i must say i was dam fascinated by that phone…i did all d experiments on it…didnt leave a single Custom ROM…tried all of them…rooted it…flashed TPTs…changed partition layout, in short everything…unfortuntly i flashed wrng TPT…n i phone got permanently bricked…now no help from ny side…therefore i am very scared on rooting the phone agn, as i have hust purchsed Stellar 2weeks bck…
    pls if u have ny solution provide with for both of them…
    1. ZTE BLADE
    2. STellar

    • Dont worry this method is safe..And Root and install cwm in ur stellar so that if it get softbricjed you can recover ut easily..and about ZTE blade i dont know how to unbrick:-/

  8. are there any other ROMs for Stellar???
    and which HD games can i play on it??

  9. 1more thing surjit…
    can build.prop be changed in stellar??

  10. & also can u upload few screenshots of Stelar stock rom

  11. surjit i have roooted the phone & also installed Stock Rom…
    now WIFI is not connectingg…pls help

    • Dont woory..
      just check the comments..there is a eady method to make wifi work..

      Just you have to rename to files by Root explorer

      Install Root explorer and Go to
      system/lib/modules/ there are two
      files p2p.ko and wlan.ko delete
      them and there are another two
      files p2p_mt6620.ko Rename it to
      p2p.ko and wlan_mt6620 Rename
      it to wlan.ko

  12. even restart option is also not coming…pls helpp fast

  13. surjit i tried deleting the files…bt i am unable to delete them…suggst me another way plsss…

  14. bro m stuck…pls helpp…m nt able to access wifi at all…pls help asap

  15. actually root explorer is shutting down in my phone…i am opening root browser…& i am nt getting any option for Mount R/W in dat…wat to do??

  16. Surjit…thanx alottt…now my WIFI is working…its really a big relief to me…thnx alot dude…
    pls also update if there is any other custom ROM for stellar…it will b great…
    thank u

  17. surjit this link is not working….
    and this link is for wat thing??

  18. and surhit also help me knoe that hw can v play HD games on Stellar MI495…
    can we chabge BUILD.PROP??

  19. still need ur help in games section & also help in ROM also…any other custom ROM or not…

  20. yes…i tried HD games…
    1. modern combat (sandstorm)…it starts but after few seconds it stopped..
    2. the drak knight rises….not getting even started
    3. amazing spiderman….not downloading the additional data
    4. the spiderman total mayhem….just downloading the data…no progress
    5. modern combat 3 & 4…not compatible with the device i.e. stellar 495
    6. GTA 3 is working fine…no issues…
    7. brothers in arms 2…..not compatible with the device i.e. stellar 495
    8. temple run all versions are running smoothly, without lag
    9. need for speed i have downloaded bt additional data need to be installed till yet
    10. even assassins creed is also stopping after few secondss…

    • Do you know what coulf be the issue? And Additonal would not be downloading may be because the the phone memory is less, and some games need sd card to work as an Internal memory..there is method for this in Micromax A110 forum, that can work for us too..

  21. & i also got a ROM for spice…how to share it with you??

    • can you plz upload some of its screen shots.plz olso tell after installing custom rom are you able to play hd game ?
      as you mentioned above that you have tried many hd games but they are not working, so from where had you installed them from play store or some where else.

  22. Surjit did u tried the new ROM???

  23. surjit…u wr talking abput sum forum for Micromax A110…which i can use for Stellar also for gamessss…pls share it again…wat exactly it is??

  24. hi sujit try this link:
    can we do something to our spice mi 495.

  25. hi surjit…hw r u brooo?? yrr i m nt getting restrt option in my stellar….wat to dooo…??

  26. bro when i purchsed stellar…restart option was dere…after rooting it is not coming…rlly….now i dnt know what happnend…nt coming…see if u can tell me any way out

  27. ok…leave it bro…have u found a solution for the gaming part…i mean how can one play HD games on stellar??

  28. hii. i am rooting my stellr vurtuoso… bt it got stuck @ the line “connect your phone with usb debugging on now”
    ……..nothing else… wt to do now?

    • and i got a step up….and stuck at the line ” daemon started successfully* “…… shitt man.. wtz going on???

      • Did you have Drivers installed?
        Did you connect phone as Media Storage?
        Did you turned on Usb debugging?

        you have to do all these three steps…

    • ya.. bro.. i did these 3steps… can u tell me how much time it take to get root…coz i didn’t wait more than 10min… does it take more time to.. get root…after the selecting choice ”normal” on that DOS window???… nd thnxz 4 rplyyy….

  29. yaa.. bro i hav done all 3 steps. u told… i use pdnet to install drivrs… can u tell me. plz that how much time it take to get root…. coz i did it not more than 10 min. .. does it take more. time???
    and thanx 4 rply bro….

    • Install the drivers present in Internal memory of the phone and it takes less than a minute to root. When the software detect the phone..A pop will come on the phone..You have to click on Restore my data and the phone will reboot..Simple..

    • and one more thing i wanna ask… from where i’ll hav to choose. .rar file to extract…???i m a. little bit confused….

      • will it be. in the bin4ery tool folder… coz when i open the folder it shows more than 8or 9 files… like superuser, superSU, busy box and so on…. which is. the rar. file… plzz bro… tell me in detail… plzzz…i’ll be grtfll 2. u…

      • Ok do you know Hindi..I am explaining in hindi..Ki jab tum Wo file given link se download krte ho toh wo iss naam se aati hai “Root with binary..blah blah blah”. Yeh ek .rar compressed file hai jisey tumhe kahi pe bhi extract karna hai..Isey extract krne par extracted folder ko open karo jaha tume folder oe ek runme.bat file milegi…Drivers pehle hi install kar rakhna..Baad me ye sab krna..ab phone me Usb debugging On karo and Phone ko media storage me pc se connect kar kuch second ruko..ab Runme.bat me root option choose karo aur tumhre phone me ek Restore Backup data ya do not restpre ayega..Restore data pe click karo..fpne apne aap reboot hoga and done..Menu me SU aa jayega..

      • inna. detail m smjhane ko tnx sujeet bro… i m a bio student so ye tech jldi s smj ni aati… one. more prob… k jab me runme .bat kholta hu to yaar sidha dos window khul rahi h… root ka opt. kaha. milega??? usi dos window ki baat to ni karre kahi aap??? sory yaar shayd. me appko confuse kr ra hu … but kya karu.. or kahi se inni masst wali help mil b to ni sakti … thanxz bro…

      • Haan wahi dos window hi tumhre fone ko rpot karegi..usme saayad root karne ke liye X press karne ko bolta hai ya Zero..i dont remember..wo padh or try kar..

      • kkz bro… dos. window. m 3 opt. aate h… 1for normal… 2for. special(sony tab. s) .. and X for. unroot… i’ll try tomorrow in. even…. nd. ek baat or yaar.. abi abi mane us conpressed root with bin4ery tool ko apne. vurtuoso me ES file managar ki help se extract kiya. .. or. iska size 2.31 mb se bad ke 4.1 kuch mb ho gaya nd 18files 2 foldrs k sata….. can i use it there??? bbro…??? extracted. root for bin4ery tool……

      • Nahi..u cant do that in mobile..or tmhe 1 choos karna hai Normal..fir wo sab automatic karega..

      • are nahi sujeet bhai.. ap shayd. kahi or. chale. gaye … me kah ra hu k kya me ye file jo mane extract kar di h.. use pc me directly use kar sakta hu.. rooting k liyr…??? moble me to ye vese. bhi possible ni h… coz i don’t hav any app. which can run
        ( .bat) file….

      • ohh Yeah …You can do that..for sure..:)

      • and i also hope so.. ke. normal salect karne ke. baad wo sab automaticaly hi kare… coz abi tak b wo wahi par atak jata h… ” daemon started successfully” ya fir ”now connect ur fone with usb debugging on” isse. aage. dos window me kuch nahi hota … bus. wo hara dot blink hota rahta h… koi key b kaam nahi karti… kabi kabbi to dimag ki dahi bn jati h…. but still i’m happy with my new friend… coz he. is helping… always helping… without any need… he. is helping… like a book… thankz sujeet bro…gd.nyttt

      • Yup bas tumhe fone pe Restore my data select karna hai jab ek option pop up hoga..or uske baad Fone restart ho jayega..And dont worry..Everything gonna be alright..aur mahi toh hum hai na..Kuch na kuch dhundh nikalenge..and Good night bro..:)

      • hmmm… wo to hhh….

        good morninggg… bhaiii

      • bhai.. aaj din me exam tha… abhi try karraa hu… shayd ho jaye… raat ko inform karta hu….


    ….heyyy. bro.. plz check the link… and read sum new comments of me with site admin… than tell …about that…

  31. Bhai
    … ab to dimag kharab ho ra h.. saala ye root kyu ni ho ra.. naya pc.. b kiya.. fir b phone m pop up window aane ki teyyar ni h…. bhaii. Helpp. Karo yaar.. kuch

    Koi to ise root karo???

  32. whoooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………… broo… i got it rooted… maujaa hi mauja… bro.. tanxz alot… bhai,, i hope i’ll meet
    u 1 day,,, god bless u….

    but bro isme se me gmail nd fb nd utube delet mar ra hu but wo yaar ho ni re delet… fb ek baar ko del ho gaya tha but jab mane cwm recovry me reboot mara to saala fb fir se vapa aa gaya….

    any idea bro why it happeneddd???????

    • Kon se wale version se hua? or ab cwm daal lena or backup kr lna..

      • Bhai… cwm to maine daal.diya h… or recovery mode aane. Pe maine reboot ka option choose kiya… nd yaar ye jo path Aapne bataaya system/user/vendor. … ye kaha milega me samja ni puri tarah se… nd root ver.29 se hua bhaii… or backup kiska karna h ? Rom ka??? Vese to maine saari system apps ka backup ES FILE MANAGR se bana ke save .kiya h.. alag se kuch or bhi banana. Pdega kya bhai
        … nd. Bhai
        … plz .. muje ye yutube gmail. N maps delt marne ka koi ilaag batao
        …. yaar

        …… gmail n maps to mare cell me. Updat b ni hote … bolta. H k pahle purana wala uninstall karo … plz bhai. Iska.
        . Koi. Solid ilaaj batana
        … permanent wala


      • Root explorer Install kar usey open karte hi “Vendor” folder milega(bahaar hi) usme “app” me milegi Maps, youtube and all…And Nandroid backup se Softbrick ya software udd jane ya currupt ho jaane ke baad bhi tum apne Phone ko recover kar sakte ho…or App backup nahi bola maine..pure rom ko backup karne ko bola hai…Check the post How to do nandroid backup…

    • Youtube wagarah system/usr/vendor me hoga waha se delete maaro..

      • Hii. Bhaiii… maine aapki wali stock rom download maari dropbox k link se.. fir kal use restore kiya but bhaaii. Ajj dekha to wifi isn’t working… kya ho gya h bhai.. ??? Ise. Any idea plz… nd how to solve it…???

      • Sorry bhai lagta hai Solution post me hi daalna padega…stock rom wale post ki comments padh..Usme tarika btaya hai ki wifi kse chalega..Bas root explorer se do files edit karni hai..

      • bhai … xolo a800 got jellybean 4.1.1 …. wt about ours… steller bro???

  33. Hi sujit have you tried compass app on mi 495 , is it working? Aa it is not working on my phone.
    I had also installed an app for testing sensors in which with magnetic sensors orientation sensors are also not working.

  34. Great bhai… yaar. Hats offf. .. aapke liye… Wi-Fi is wrking now…

    But bhaii. Muje. Ek or cheez samja do jara… ke kisi bi app Ko system app me kese badlenge…. maine root explorer ka. use karke asa kiya but reboot k baad wo wali app (not responding ) bolti h… maine following path use kiya bhai…

    root exp> data> app>…. or yaha se maine apni app jese spb shell 3d launcher ya call recorder ko move kiya next path pe..

    root exp.> system> app>.. nd paste… but iske baadd me reboot karne k baad kholta hu phone to app not responding btata h bhaii….

    isss bimari ka kuch permanent soln btao bhaii… nd mere pe gmail. maps . . google play ka updated ver. b h… unko install krne. ko b try mara but app not installed bata ra h
    . bhai… maine inki old copy ko del. b maar diya tha… bhaiii….. wt to donow….. nd aaj bhaii. maine royel theme install maari … bhaii. awsum lag ra h phone… ek dum shahi … wala… tnxz bhaii… or invention karte raho bhaiii….u’ll get succeedd

  35. Hi sujit lewa os is working perfectly with use use pie control pro. I am also update lewa os let’s see what happens

    • Camera is not working on lewa os also gps is not working properly what should I do?

      • Camera Problem :- You have to copy all the .lib files that hava camera word in it. For more info, there is a solution on xda, Search on google. You will get it.

        GPS problem:- This could be some file missing problem. I dont know about this.

        And For Buttons:- If you are familier by decompiling apks, You can enable them by decompiling Framework-res.apk. I tried but failed.

  36. gps problem solved , sill facing camera problems.(even after moving .lib files and setting proper permissions)

  37. I just came acroos this official spice JB rom
    but its for Stellar pinacle
    can you test if it also works on virtuoso

  38. guys i have got one Custom ROM that can be used for MI-495

    try this and pls give me ur reviewss….this is working fine

    • Did you try this rom on our phone?? and Its Iball andy 4.5h rom. I found some of its screenshots here.


      • Bhai. Maine ek or bar is rom ko try kiya. Or is bar mere phon m tagadi wali gadbad ho gyi h. Smj ni aa ra kya karu. Maine ye rom instal ki bt uske bad recovery m jaake jb me cwm backup ko restore kr ra hu to ye “md5 mismatch” bta ra h or mera backup b restor ni ho ra bhai. Reboot karne pe wohi phle wali dikat aa rì h. Ulti screen and auto functioning. Bhai kuch solution btao yr. Apni to watt lgi pdi h

      • Fir se stock rom flash kr le..

    • Bro… I tried this ROM .. But not working here… Mere phone ki screen switch on karne k baad ulti ho rahi h… And apne. Aap hi phone me. Process chal rahi .. Notification bar up and down apne. Aap ho ra h… Maine. To vapas stock ROM dal d yaar… Aapke. Me. Ye kese kaam kar ri h.. Samaj ni aa ra.. And ha Maine. 512mb wala module select kiya tha.. ROM install Kate time….. Kuch btao yaar … Mere ko b kese kaam karegi ye.. Rom.???

    • Thik h bhai. Me download krta hu.
      Lekin dropbox wala link not working. To jo boxnet pe 190mb ki file h. Use dwnld mar dû kya?

  39. Thk h bhai. Me try karta hu. Slow conection ki vajah s prob aa rì h. Lekin bhai mera fone sahi to ho jayga na. ??? Apne ko to kuch smj ni aa ra. Bhai..

  40. And bhai. Stock rom ko flash kese karnge… Jese cwm bakup ko restore karte h. Vese hi karenge kya bhai.? Ya usse b kr skte h jo optn main screen me aata h.”INSTAL ZIP FROM SD CARD”… Plz bhai. Thoda method confrm kar do yr.

  41. Thik h . Bhai. Or i hope. K ye kaam karega. Iske baad. To custom rom k liye hath jod lunga. Hav a nic day . Bhai

  42. mangesh rane

    Sir mob not rooted bcoz it shows path not specified in cmd window pls help it get automatically closed afted showing ur phone willrestart in 10 sec but it not restarts

  43. Haa. Wo b h. Me agar try ni karta to data kese chalta k asa b hota h. And muje lgta h k mangesh bhai k sath b whi prob aa ri h. Jo mere sath thi. Path not specified.

  44. Are bhai.maine bin4ry ka v29 use kiya and frst bar m hi root ho gya tha mera to usse. . .shyd yaha b kam kr jaye. Maine 4shard se dwnld mara tha. Vo ver.

  45. can anyone pls upload….Stellar MI495 drivers…there were no drivers in my memory…and jo h wo HUWAI phone k h…so pls upload drivers…

  46. Bhai… Huwai k huwaqin software b to hamare 495 m kam kr re h.. Nd driver to meri memry m b ni h.

  47. Yar. Asa to nhi hona chahye.

    • apne kya kiya detail me batao pls

      • mere mob. me app dwnld bhi hua to vo phone mem. ya phir internal mem me install hota hai sd ka opt. ata nahi mere pehle mob me vo optn tha pr conpany ne muze replace kr diya tha vo dead ho gaya tha ab to root bhi nahi ho raha bahut try kiya pls solution batao

  48. I tried this ver. Of bin4ry tool. Ise ek bar try kar lo. Kaam ban skta h. 🙂

  49. Driver. Installed.
    Usb debugging on.

    Exact method sujeet bro ne explain kiya h. Isi post me mere n sujeet bro k cmmnt pado. Shyd kam bn jaye. Coz mere sath b asi hi prob aa ri thi.

  50. Sujeet bro kaha h..? Tagada wala soltn. To vo ho btayenge.

  51. Bhai. Apna procedure btao. Jara. Aap. Kese root kr re ho.? Nd wait for sujeet bros reply.

  52. bhai. Maine aapke link se stock rom dwnload ki. ..spice ki official wali. Rom… bt jab me instal kr ra hu to instalation aborted bta ra.h.
    Apni to halat kharab ho gyi h. Bhai help me yaar. Kya karu… Or iski to warenty b ni h. Help me bhai. Plz. Kuch smj ni aa ra:(

  53. Thik h bhai. Me dwnld marta hu. I hop k ye instal ho jaye. 😥
    . Bt bhai wali file uc browser se dwnld ni ho ri h. Jbki 209mb ki dusri fil usne dwnld kr di. Boxnet me save ka opton ata h bt usse age kuch ni hota. .. Me to bhai pareshan ho gaya hu. . Ek instal ni ho ri. Dusri dwnld ni ho ri. 😦

  54. Koi. Ni bro… Bus ye instal ho jaye. Dwnld to me kr hi lunga.. Kahi se.. Mera phon kab se so ra h. Kash ye instal ho jaye or mera phon phir s pahle jesa ho jaye.

  55. /spice-stellar-virtuoso-pro-lbhai. check. this. ye hspice steler vurtuoso pro. with jellybean. and spice cloud service. but less features.’

  56. Ha bro. Wo to hai. Lekin. Me to inki rom ki bt kr ra. Kya ye hmare kam aa skti h. Agar kahi s mil jaye.?

  57. Hmmm. And bro mane apna fon servic center me de diya h. Dehradun(uttarakhand) me… Or vo ise delhi bhejne ki bt kr rhe. H. Abi tk to unhe kuch pta ni chala. kahi. Aage dikkat to ni karenge wo.?

  58. Saali. Hmare fon k lye koi custom rom kyo nahi h… Smj ni ati baat. Mere

    • Bhai kyuki humare fone ko jyada logo ne kharida nhi toh rom banane wala koi nahi …jaise Micromax canvas 2 ke same fone rebrand ho alag alag desho me bik rahe hai toh developers jyada hai…

  59. Hurrrrrrahhhhhhhh….. Mera dabbba.. Thik hoke aa gya.. Delhi se .. Thanks allot sujeet bro…. Thank you very much .. But bhai.. Unhone mera cell unroot kr diya. Fir mane ise fir root kiya.. BT abki baar bhai cwm recovery hi no dal ri… H.. Is me.. Jese hi me mtk tool me we recovery daal raha hu to. Recovery mode me… Android ka logo dead ho ja ra h or uske pet me red color ka warning triangle bn ra h… Pta no kyo.

  60. hi surjit bro….ki haal chal…
    yr i need to ask 1thng…agr BUILD.PROP change krni ho Stellar 495 ki to Kya change karun??

  61. Also need to ask one thing bro…
    hd games depends upon?? i mean which is major reqd thng in an android on which HD games work…
    is it a GPU/CPU/Processor/etc?? wat exactly effcts gaming experience…???

    • Generally all are important, GPU helps more CPU in processing graphics. A good CpU + a bad GPU = Bottleneck. The game will not work properly. And it depends on games too. Some games have high graphics and takes less processing power. Ram stores all the models, graohics, events into its temp. mempry so high ram is too necessary.

  62. kya chnage kru?? kis phn se change krun??

  63. actually i was having ZTE Blade earlier…so i changed it build.prop and played many HD games in that like Modern Combat, NFS, Temple run, etc….
    and their r many blogs on XDA also about it…
    have a look…

  64. try kiya pr restore opt. nahi ata hai

  65. i know how to edit build.prop surjit bro…bt i need to know ki kis phn k sath chnge krunnn…so that i cn play hd games

    • Sorry Bro i am damn busy these days and i also dont have fast net connection to try hd games games too. Only you can edit and try again..Or you should try asking at xda…

  66. yaar mera mob. root nahi ho raha hai pls help ab ye bata raha hai ki check wheather usb debugging is on bt maine to on kiya tha aur phir ata hai check adb.exe

  67. ab to sb try kr liya ab mob. root nahi ho raha path not found bol raha hai aur pc bhi badal kr dekha hai kuch bhi nahi ho raha yar solution batao ab kya kru

  68. HI surjit…hw r u???
    Bro my phn’s Wifi is troubling…wen i lock my phn the wifi stops…again i hv to connect it to a network…
    tell me bro wat to do???

  69. my spice is locked at pattern option and recovery mode showing error red exclamation help!!!

  70. Bro any luck on Custom ROM??

  71. here is the link of mi495 official update- (click on download software)

  72. Hi Bro…
    hope u good….
    I am facing a problem while playing HD games like GT Racing, Backstab & Spiderman.
    When i put the second thumb and remove it the games stops….till d time i play with one thumb at a time the game is running fine.
    as i use both the thumbs at the same time and remove anyone of dem….the game stops…i hope u got my problem…

    • I understood. But The biggest problem is that I never played any HD game in my phone. Because of Slow internet connection and Limited Data packs Inever had a chance to test them. So I cant help you in this situation.

      I request if any reader have a solution for it then Please come up and help us.

  73. its a ics rom, and i am currently trying to install it to my phone.

  74. hi sujit do you have stock recovery.img file of spce mi495 because to install this update we require stock recovery.

  75. i installed the new mi495 rom, there is no change in rom except the reboot option and some more options in settings.i am trying to port 4.2.2 rom for mtk6577 devices from this thread- ,but it stucks at boot logo, will you please try to port this rom to mi 495.and one more thing is there a jellybean boot.img that will work on mi 495.

  76. hey guys…hello to evryone…
    i have found something for our SPICE STELLAR MI-495….a CUSTOM ROM…
    pls check dis link….

    Its Jelly Bean update…

  77. Can you please tell me how I can root my Spice Settler Prime Mi-510……….

  78. hey garvjaidka have u tried it on your mi 495? is it really working?

  79. Hi how to update 4.3 jellybean on mi495 plz guide me

  80. Hi surjit…
    Hw r u??
    brooo….i phone got stuck yrrr…i tried to upgrade…bt now it has stuck on boot logo….
    it starts…boot logo comes…then again it gets switched off…& then again boot logo comes…
    pls help

  81. surjit…pls give me a way out yr…mera phn start horha h, baand horha h…bas yehi chal rha h…
    maine same kiya jaise tumne bola tha…bt kuch ni horha….fir se band horha h, on horha h…

    kuch btao bhaiii…..

  82. surjit…tume flash karna aata h???

    service centre pe show kiya tha maine…they said ki flash karnge ise….

    do u know how to flash it??

  83. Iska koi firmware h broo??

  84. Ni bro….firmware chahiye….
    & firmware & ROM/software dono alag h….
    Firmware mein flash files b hoti h…..
    Aur Rom mein sirf system files…..

  85. can i do the same for spice mi-496?
    and if i cant find the drivers in internal memory then from where can i get them?

    • Yes…if you cant find drivers then install pdanet for pc and download drivers

      • i found the drivers and its in rar format..wat kinda files wil it be after i uncrypt the files?i mean..i have a doubt actualy about the driver i doqnloaded.and the software name that u gave,how much wil b the file size of the driver if i download it from computer with the help of the software?

    • dude once you root your phone,
      please can you backup your ROM and upload it here

  86. bro…i have a prob..i cant set any launcher as default friends can set it but they have upgraded firmwire and changed rom there any way i can keep my other launchers as default launcher?

  87. its not workin….i waited for half hour stil no progres in the c:// screen

  88. i have mistakely deleted some of system apps from my spice mi495 and now i want to install the rom u provided but cwm is not showing after doing all thing as u say help me srry for my bad english

  89. i did that also but in recovery mode when i try to install that rom zip file it says not certified and say failed what to do please help me

    • Please post the pucs of the screen saying that u are not certified. i dont know wheter u can take screen shot of recovery mode or not. if its possible then upload screenshot or click from another cam and upload.

  90. reply me fast please again i try to install as u say but it says atheuntication failed and aborded please help me

  91. recovery not installed where to get it please reply fast the address to download

  92. thank u soooo much ur best i have seen the comment and i done as u comment and it is workink perfectly thanks the wlan is working thanjs

  93. can u please tell me is there any way to increase ram so that i can play game without lag and also can u give me guide so that i can play hd games in my spice mi495

  94. ok then can u tell me why our mobile cover upto 270 MB of ram and only make available upto 220 to 240 MB ram after deleting some of unused system apps it clear upto 290MB of ram can we clear more ram upto 310 MB can u give me solution

  95. and another problem is while playing HD games like spider man total mahyem hd and gangstar west coast hustel if i put my two finger at once the game close and say unfortunetly game stopped but if we play that game in ginger bread version it is playable with two finger at once is there any problem with our ics in spice mi 495

  96. in my spice coolpad 2 mi 496 it is not working. it always keeps on showing turn on usb debugging even if ihave turned it on. it just gets stuck there. on my first try it went till running daemon but when i installed the usb driver it gets stuck in usb debugging. pls help. i am in great need of root. need to increase internal memory. so pls help fast. and thnks in advnce

  97. Hello bro…
    I have rooted my mi 495 .. now.. my os is currpted… all app shows a dialog.. unfortunately app stopped… i tried to format and reinstalling the os but i am not able to do so.. one of my friend said.. problem occurs because i have rooted the phone.. please help me to solve this problem

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