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Pain in my heart like Something is missing


It would feel like movie dialog, “But seriously now a days I am having a wierd pain in my heart like something is missing, something is not right…Like I am missing something. Many people will say Get a girlfriend or something like this. But I already have a girlfriend still I am feeling like Something is missing. This heartache is eating me inside. I feel like I am lost.

To know about it more I went deep down in my heart, and realized that may be its because Life is not going the way I want to. I dont want to live a life of mediocrity, I want to feel each moment. But its not happening. I am 23 year old now and I havent done anything that I can say I have made any difference. I want to do many things like I want to be a writer, I want to be a movie director..I want to roam all over the world. I want to live a life with no limits but Fear of unknown is holding me back. I dont know what will happen. May be I want too much or may be I am thinking too much. But I know I have to work for it.

Kuch bhi nahi – Sujit Yadav


sujit yadav

Ek adhoora khwaab,
Ek ankahi baat.
Ek tasveer uski dil me,
Aur mere pass, uska kuch bhi nahi….

Aankho me intezaar uska,
Baato me bas uski baatein,
khayaalo me wo mulaakaate,
Aur mere pass uska, kuch bhi nahi,

Wo mehak uske haatho ki,
Wo saraarate un pyaari raato ki,
Wo manana usey, rooth jaane par,
Waqt ka thehar jana uske nazar aane par…

Dekh mujhe ab wo bas nazare chura leti hai,
Maano yaad usey ek lamha bhi nahi,
Hongi uske pass kisi aur ki baahein ab,
Aur mere pass in yaado ke siva, kuch bhi nahi…..

-Sujit Yadav

What should I do after completing


Since I have completed my in electronics and communication, a big question arises in front of me, “what should I do with my life now?”

I took advices from many people and What I felt, all are lost in his world by the shine of a big car and Money, everybody wants a job that make them Rich, from SSC exams to Jobs in private sector, These advices vary. But when I really think about this, I just get nervous about my future, A big flat or a big car, Is that what we live for?

I want to go in Animation Industry, But my family wants me to find a decent job and settle down. They thinks that there is no future in Animation and they dont have 2 lakhs for the course fee. Deep down I think I can do this course after getting a job and do some savings for the fees, but I know it will be almost impossible to quiet the jobĀ  just to learn animation, If I go on the way told by my family and friends, then I can earn more money. But If I listen to my heart, I know I have to work hard to survive, but one thing i know atleast I will be happy doing the work I love to do. For just a little big house or a car, Should I choose the career i dont like?