Stock rom for Spice MI-495


Alternative Download link

Finally I uploaded the stock Rom of Spice Steller Virtuoso MI-495. So now no need to worry, Try modding as much as you can and post your feedbacks so everybody can try them.

Here is the Download Link

There is a link of the stock rom on the Spice official site, you can try . Here is the Download link


About Sujit Yadav

Sujit Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. he is also passionate about Animation and Game development. He loves to write poems and loves to draw. he is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and Ddancing.

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  1. how to update the play store?

  2. tried installing manually but its not working…

  3. my wifi not working after installing the rom, could it be some problem with the rom or hardware, please check

  4. it worked, thanks very much. Big relieve as i thought it might have been my hardware..

  5. would have been good if ur uploaded stock rom got corrected… as for the play store update, i replaced an updated version in the rom and got it installed

  6. download link is broken please fix it.

  7. while installing rom signing error is displayed.
    how to overcome it?

    • Nobody had this problem, Try to turn On Signature check ..then installing again..

      • actually i am unable to boot my phone.

      • Check whether you can go into recovery mode..turn off phone and Press Volume UP+Power button continously…you will enter into the recovery mod..copy the rom in sd card with name of and try to click on Apply from sd card in recovery..tell this method work on not?

  8. and also clockmod recovery is not installed in my device.

    • did nything go wrong tat u r trying to install it? have you rooted da phone? after rooting install mobile uncle tool and download cwm image, open uncle tool app n go to application recovery n open the cwn image
      it wil ask u to reboot . there u can install from sd card the rom which is to b saved in the sd card as zip n not in other sub folder

  9. signing error of rom is occuring in this process.
    do backup also contains system files ? if yes then please upload your’s phone backup. thanks

  10. should i use any custom rom? if yes then please help me to choose one.

  11. i tried with name but again E:signature verification failed is displayed on screen.

  12. so should i except that my phone is gone?

    • if u can’t switch on , maybe u r nt lucky

    • Dont worry its just a soft brick if the phone is struck at bootscreen or you can turn it on.

      Best way is go to, “Service center” and say that you dont know what happened you were listening music and suddenly it turned off, its in warranty they will install the firmware again…at that time install cwm recovery so next time you dont struck in this type situation.

  13. is there any program to flash file from pc?

  14. Hi – Pls upload your stockrom in another site as we are unable to download from dropbox. Humbe request.

  15. Hi Sujit, Only if you could provide us the ROM can we upload it into another site Pal. can you create a torrent file and put it. Download M-torrent and create a torent file and start sharing

    • I have uploaded the rom on dropbox with so much hassle. once my dropbox account got reopened which is currently disable because of the traffic. then you can download and uplod it another site if you have a fair internet connection.

  16. Ok. Fair enough. can you advise where i can find the addresses of spice mobile authorised service centers. Pls send me the url link

  17. why upload elsewhere when it can be downloaded? otherwise i can do it…

  18. though not sure which upload site would be best

    • Mediafire or wil be much better…Bcoz Dropbox is blocking my account because of heavy traffic load. so it will affect other users…So Dude please do it asap. Thank you

  19. i have uploaded the rom though i have some apps removed which i shall upload separately due to data constraints. i ve also corrected the wifi thing.

  20. remaining apps are fb, toi, documents to go and whatsapp download link

  21. for those who might be confused,open the rom .zip and add the apps(and not the folder) downloaded from the above link to system/app

  22. though its ok even if ignored

  23. wesser, thanks for the ROM. I have also rooted my MI-495. Now where do i get the Cynogen recovery image for MI-495. can some one or Sujit provide me the url link please.

  24. Also Wesser – I hope your ROM has the latest files which has the Wifi working as well. Please advise / reply. Thanks

  25. Thanks Bro. It is so nice of you both. I will start the job. Also is it possible tolet us all know the right beats audio (Apk) file & upload them and provide the url link. I am sure you are all aware that our model has a very low volume quality.

  26. I know nothing of that thing called beat audio. i guess it wouldnt be good to push your hardware beyond its capacity.

  27. i am trying odin to flash file but unable to use it properly.please guide me how to use it.

  28. thankx for your suggestion to go to service center. now my phone is fine, though it was rooted but service center repaired it.

  29. after backing up my mi 495’s rom with cwm recovery should i try to install jb rom of canvas 2.

  30. The proximity sensor is not working…how to ebable it or change settings?

  31. how to install ? please can u tell me

  32. my spice mi 495 is bricket how to solve it… 😦 i downloaded stock rom but they not instal in recovery mode

  33. my mobile is rooted means avoid warranty if i am go to service center they will charge for firmware update plz give me a soloution fast

    • Dont worry bro, If you are bricked, Then just go o service center, They cant see whether you rooted or not, Just tell them ki Ye computer se connect kiya aur fir automatically aisa ho gaya..And next time Root and install CWM and made a backup..Good luck:)

  34. Sujit can you please let me know or anyone else….that did your google play store updated to latest version. If yes, tell me how. becoz my spice mi-495 is not updated to latest playstore and hangout as well.

    • My google playe store version is 3.5.16. Is that the latest?

      • Mine too. The latest version of the google play store is 4.1.6. I searched, but find out that in the list of google phone our phone is not listed till now. Just one spice phone is listed for the update that is Mi-350 or something like that. I dont think we will get the update.

      • If you can Copy the newest version of Google store from other phone..then you can install it by Root explorer

  35. Okay. I will try. And let you know. Thanks. Its a pleasure visiting your site. Thanks for helping me and all of us. Thanks so much.

  36. hi sujit, can you provide me link for lava os rom which you had install on mi 495.

  37. I got this site from my pal who informed me about this web
    page and at the moment this time I am visiting this website and reading very informative articles here.

  38. Sujit, spice launched mi-496 with same qHD display with Jelly bean…does the rom of that phone will work for our phone?

  39. hi sujit where i can get boot.img for spice mi 495.


  41. Please give us a jelly bean update….

  42. How to add LMT pie control on Spice Mi 495

  43. Wifi Stopped working after the update…..i was so tensed about it, i tried multiple tym flashing it but still didnt got corrected. finjally i read the comments and got the error fixed……thank god…..

  44. Is there any way to update this phone to jelly bean…

  45. Is it possible to update it to jelly bean

  46. there is a red spot coming in between of screen when i open the camera.. face captured by it are little reddish in colour. which shows that it is not producing true colour.. My friend has canvas2 and colour production is really good..
    and thanks for your support u really helped us…


    this is a link of a website which is providing a jellybean 4.2 rom for this mobile. can u check it if it is fake or real…

  48. hello bro, i had installed a another rom in spice mi 495 i have downloaded that rom from a website after installing that my mobile is showing samsung rom and it is showing samsung name on spice mobile and it is not booting it only showing samsung name and again again it switch on and after i see your website i download stock rom from website and it installed but it not working it is still showing samsung name and not booting i tried installing from cmw recovery and bro tell me how to fix it and i also sended my mobile to service centre and they say it can not repaired they return me bro tell me how to solve please tell me waiting you

    • The problem is that you installed the wrong bootloader on your phone. And I am worried that it is hard bricked. I ll upload the boot.img of our phone..put that in my room and then try to install it.

  49. i tried to install your rom and it installed but still not working

  50. bro where i download boot.img

    • I ll upload then try..You have another way to try..If you ever backuped your rom by clockmod recovery..You can restore that.

      • Hey Sujit, i have found a way to update google apps and install google play services. To update google apps i first installed the latest version of signed gapps and then updated the apps like youtube and gmail. BTW, my youtube was not getting updated, i deleted youtube and installed again. It worked. The google apps now get updated and new google apps can also be installed. For google play services i tried the adb method. It failed. What I think is that if in the stock rom you edit the packages.xml file in /data/system then it will work. Because while using the adb method to install google play services what didnt worked was pushing back the edited packages.xml file. Please reply whether you can do this or not.

      • Can you provide the link of new signed gapps?

  51. I found the signed gapps on . The gapps which will work on spice mi 495 is gapps -ics-20120429-signed. The direct link to download the gapps is

  52. Whereas, working the whole night on my phone i finally fixed everything. My phone now has latest version of play store. Google Play Services Installed, all Google apps updated and everything working excellent from tip to top.

    Here is what I did:-
    1. Backed Up all useful data and apk of all apps installed. ( I did it using Titanium Backup and root explorer.
    2. I downloaded latest signed gapps for Android ICS from (49.64 MB).
    3. Turned off my phone.
    4. Booted phone in recovery mode and Wiped data/factory reset. (This is why I backed up everything.)
    5. Flashed the latest signed Gapps which i downloaded earlier.
    6. Wiped Dalvik cache and cache partition then rebooted.
    7. Downloaded the latest version of Google Play Store and installed it. (You can download version 4.5.10 of play store from [3.69 MB] )
    8. Update all the Gapps via Play Store. (Meanwhile if there are updates for TOI, Docs to go or Whatsapp, you may update them too.)
    9. Then installed Google Play Services and done!

    Note:- Alternatively in place of step 7 you can open the Market (Play Store) and tap agree. Then press home and leave it for awhile. After the Play Store is updated, open it and tap agree again. The new Play Store should download Google Play Services and install it for you.

    • Awesome Man..!! Thanks..Gonna make a post for this.

      • I have already posted it on xda developers. but i want you to post it here too as this is the only helpful place for mi 495 users. but do try it once before posting i am nt sure whether it works evrytime or not.

      • Its working!! I tried it…but have to wipe data otherwise the method dont work..

      • One more thing, can anyone tell me that where will i get the original battery for spice mi 495. mine is a bit damaged. works fine but not upto the mark, i wanna purchase a new battery. searched all over delhi but not found. please tell me if anybody knows of any shop online or anywhere else where i can get battery for this phone.

      • You can get it from Gurgaon. There is a Spice care on Mehrauli road, Ggn..

        09991705042, This is no. of one of their employee, His name is Pradeep.

      • Yes. That’s true, i don’t know the reason for this but i too tried that without wiping the data. It didn’t worked. But anyways its good that its working and as far as the data and apps are concerned. i got all the apk of all the apps installed from /data/app. and those which were not present there were present in /mnt/asec/. So the apps can be backed up easily. you don’t need to re install from Google play. and the data like music and photos can easily be stored to any PC or the SD card of the phone. hope, this will solve the problem of data losing.

  53. Hi, I want to update my android version in Mi-495, but when i start recovery mode, i get red triangle with exclamation sign. pl help…it seems dead andriod

  54. Heyy… Can u pls advise which ROM i have to update.. as u guys have uploaded 2 or 3 versions of the same. the final link?? which have all issues fixed..

  55. and pls tell me the exact procedure to do the same.. am a little bit confused all over this…

  56. 1. i’ve donwloaded the above ROM…
    2. have rooted the phone.
    what next to do….
    Simply a beginner πŸ˜›

  57. which cwm i’ll to install??? will ROM Manager do the work???

  58. ok ok got it… Using the Clockworkmod Recovery v6 ported to Spice Steller Virtuoso MI-495 post from your blog.

  59. thanks Mann… just made it… But am unable to make the wifi work…
    Can’t find the /system/lib/modules folder… pls help

  60. was using the same…just found the folder at last… Much thanks… πŸ™‚

  61. wifi does not work in this stock rom ?

  62. how to flash gapps in spice mi 495 please

  63. i m not understand previews setup

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