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  1. where can we download this boot screens

    • usually You can use any bootscreen of any phone but of the same resolution. You can use the high or low resolution bootscreen too but They will not display properly.

  2. swastik shrivastava

    can you please post a boot logo for mi-495?

  3. i have edited some of my system files(built.prop) and now i am unable to boot it. please! please! help me this is my new phone.

  4. i got a ROM for spice…how to share it with you??

  5. i tried to create this with the instructions on net & with Android kitchen

  6. can you upload a boot logo for mi 495.plz

  7. cwm is not showing up what to do i have download as u wrote but cwm is not showing up please help me

  8. thanks i have sucessfully installed the rom u provided but after installing the rom when i try to open the wifi it is not opening or activating it automatically turn off when i try to on please reply me fast and another thing after the rom installation my micro sd card became a phone storage i mean when i open application management i found instead of phone storage there is a sd card showing how is it possible reply me fast

    • For wifi issue:- Read the comment section on the post. You have to rename two filenames (wlan.ko and p2p.ko) . Your wifi qill start working.

      And for second problem

      please post the screeshots. (Power off+Vol.down)

  9. sry for saying i am not able find the comment section please wrote detaily please how to rename and where i can found those filenames please please reply me fast please

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