Spice MI – 495 Steller Virtuoso Review

Choosing Spice MI-495 is a tough decision When there are same phones wth more popularity like Micromax A110 Canvas 2. My first priority was Micromax A110 only. But when I went to the shops in Gurgaon they were selling Canvas 2 at a price of 12000. Because it was selling like hot cake. So I really got disappointed. I can arrange more 2k bucks but throwing extra 2k for a phone that has the same features of other cellphones setting at 10000Rs. I knew that in a few weeks Micromax A116 will be availbale but I couldn’t control my urge to buy new phone. I went to a shop to buy Micromax A110 but their I saw the little Beast of Spice standing elegantly at one corner. I asked the shopkeeper and he handed me the box. I stared at the Box. The phone pics was looking good like Iphone but there were many doubts like

*What If it is a wrong decision?

*Should i trust Spice?

*What about the Service quality?

*What if the phone display sucks?

*It dont have even a review on google?

*There will be no support like Micromax A110

and blah blah. My thoughts was overtaking my mind. But then i decided I will buy whatever the situation is. We should not fear of bad decisions because sometimes you judge your decisions bad decision,s are best for you. And I handed 10300Rs to the shopkeeper. And it was a correct decison. So here is my Review:

P.S :- Dont think me as a new Android User who just surpized by the awesomeness of Android. I have experience with Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy 3, LG optimus one, hTC droid and even Iphone 4S. I am using Fonearena Pics because I dont have another good camera with me now.




USB cable




and a free leather cover

Design and Build Quality:


Trust me when I was coming back home two people asked me,” Is that iphone 5 bro?” and I was like No Dude its Android\m/. Its well build and give a sexy feel and the best thing about it That it is Slim. About 9.4mm. Its is in black colour with Grey strip at the sides. there is a Spice logo at the backside and the another good thing is that its camera is not coming outwards like Micromax A110 which I seriously hated. Its flat and gives a Premium look. I will give it 9/10 for its Look and Slimness.



My greatest concern was the Display because I was seriously worried that what if its display will be bad like some if the cheap Android phones Blurred or distord or Pixelate. But when i looked at the it my respone was Wow. Its crystal clear. Its display resolution is qhd(960*540px). Its a 4.5 inch IPS LCD capative touch screen. Touch is smooth and responsive. and it feels good to type on a clear and huge screen. I will rate it 8.5/10 because of my habbit of using Super Amoled Screen.



Its packed with 1ghz Dual core Mediatek processor same as Micromax A110 canvas 2 and a GPU PowerVR SGX 531 which is good to fullfil the wishes of Gamers. But a slighly disappoint is that its ram is just 512mb, which is not a problem but HD games needs a little ram. But you can easily play HD games on it. I will give it 8/10 because of 512mb ram.


Its packed with 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front facing camera for video calls. I wasnt expectating a Good camera but its above average means you cant compare it with galaxy S2 8MP camera but still it click pretty nice pictures dont considered it a bad camera and it lack a dedicated camera button. I tried skype and it works perfectly. I will rate it 7/10 in this area.


Audio quality in the earphones is very nice, crystal clear and decently loud too. I will rate it 8/10 in this field.


It can easily play HD videos too. i tried 720p and even 1080p too and it worked nicely with No problems except some of the 1080p videos but thats not a big problem so its not a cons. I will rate it 9/10 in Video playing.


I tried some games like Temple run, Angry bird and few others and all worked perfectly. its GPU serves nice. But i could test big games like NFS, Shadwgun because of low speed data connection. But i can surely say it can play any game that works on Micromax A110.


Quadrant score: 2914

Autuntu: 5714


Its packed with 1700mah where Micromax A110 have 2000mah but that doesnt make a huge difference. As all Android sucks at the battery side, This one too. Battery stands from morning to night more that 12hours on heavy usage like Samsung Galaxy s2. Buts its the problem with every Android phone. So dont worry. But still I have to rate i.

Overall Pros and Cons:


* Bigger and crystal clear Display and Good in sulight Visibility

* Smooth and resposive

* Better resolution

* Powerful Dual core with PowerVR GPU


* No dedicated buttons for camera or even Menu (it have oncreen buttons)

* Only 512mb ram ( but it doesnt means it lags)

* No Community support or Roms.


About Sujit Yadav

Sujit Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. he is also passionate about Animation and Game development. He loves to write poems and loves to draw. he is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and Ddancing.

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  1. Pl post pic taken by this mobile, if u can email me at rajeshadvani@rediffmail.com, it will be great.

  2. thanx bro 4 review…
    can you tell me more about Battery life… becz other review says that Battery life is too bad… i like this phone and i want to buy in 2 days… i hav 3 option..
    1. spice mi 495
    2. lava xolo A700
    3. karboon A21
    micromax A110 not on the list becz of screen size ( i want max. size 4.5 )
    * plz tell me about free ram ( in normal use), and Battery life.
    thnx 4 your time…

  3. thanx bro, plz tell me about free ram… is Root available for this phone ??
    i should buy this phone…???

    • I got 180mb free normally and I have successfully rooted this device. but there are no custom roms available so it depend on ur choice…i really liked it..because of the display and look. so you have any other option?

  4. Karbonn launches S1 Titanium is my other option…???

  5. I was thinking to buy this Phone but I read review of one buyer he said that it has a heating problem so I decided to stop.Whether this phone really has a heating problem.I almost decided to order this phone but this issue seemed so serious so I wanted to confirm it from a genuine buyer.So please throw light on this issue.Thanks!!

    • Thanks for the comment Chinmay. I want to clear that I dint face any Heating problem till noe. I have checked it even when charging. There is no such issue. May be that could be the problem with any defect piece that can happen to anyone. My friend also bought the same handset by seeing this and There is no problem with his cellphone too. You can go for it..

  6. Thanks a lot!!

  7. what is actual available RAM …. means out of 512 MB how much is available

  8. xcelent review…thanks for the post Sujit. I just want to add one more point here regarding the service support. On almost all the forums, people have issues with the after sell service from these companies…so, I just want to make clear here that, Micromax, Karbonn, Lava these dont even have their own dedicated shops. U can definitely trust Spice as its an Idea company now and can be definitely trusted as a well established in a market.

  9. Got this phone for my wife a couple of week ago. Was eyeing on Micromax products earlier. But the design & build quality of Mi-495 is brilliant. Yes for a flash it can be passed off as iPhone5 with its sleek body and silver bid running all around. Performance is smooth. Installed 3D games like NFS Hot Pursuit, Beach Buggy, Raging Thunder 2 besides others like Temple Run 1/2, Angry Birds, Speed Car etc. All ran perfectly well without any lag what so ever. It can play 720p videos effortlessly but do not expect 1080p which is normal for any phone in this bracket. Sound quality through speakers and headphone is highly satisfactory. Camera if not WOW delivers decent image quality even in low light. Plus the camera has several customizable feature like HDR, Scene Mode, Colour/Saturation adjustment and even a panorama mode. Video recording can be done at 720p with or without flash. yes it has quite a powerful single LED flash to complement the camera. Pinch-Zoom in browsers is also lag free. Typing on large 4.5″ screen (but not too large like 5 inchers) is a breeze in both portrait and landscape mode. Voice quality over calls are perfect. My wife is using Dual Sim – Airtel for all calling & SMS, Aircel for all data (2G). No issues there also.

    Only issue that one might face is with the 1700 mAh battery which will barely last a day with regular phone usage, net browsing, WhatsApp and playing games as mentioned above. But that is quite common in all Android phones I suppose more so in this bracket. Installed Juicedefender. Took some pain in learning and configuring the same. Now the battery lasts comfortably for a whole day. Charging every night is must though. No over-heating issues observed during 14 days usage even when plugged into universal car charger. Charges up really fast which is a plus.

    Support issues are none of my concern as companies like Nokia when approached for service of my existing E6 comes up with liquid damage theory which I know for a fact is impossible. Not point being in the illusion of getting free service from “ANY” manufacturer. They will bypass the claims in one way or the other. As long as you are paying mostly there is no issue with anyboy’s service. More so the life of any phone is not exceeding 3 yrs by and large. But I have contacted Spice customer support a couple of times over phone and e-mail for software and settings queries and they were responsive and helpful. Will have to check the service centers physically though.

    Overall at the price point of 10500 it is a decent device to buy with admirable specs and fluid performance and all neatly packed in a greatly looking package. Don’t expect the world out of it but otherwise it will keep you happy I suppose.

  10. battery life is not that good. I think 5 hours max of continous usage can empty the battery. also from100 to 90pc it drains within minutes.

    • You must turn off the vibrations and also decrease the brightness. it will increase the battery life. but still its the problem in every ANdroid phone

      • Yes I second Sujit on that. I did exactly the same on this one. But even my collegue’s Galaxy Note II does not last a day on heavy usage. So I am happy that way.

  11. well, my brightness is at the lowest, that i hardly see and no vibrations, yet its little disappointing, wish it had larger battery

  12. I am also using this phone from the last one month and its been working great. The people are talking about heating issue is near the camera part, it usually occurs when running heavy games or playing games for almost 45 mints…its become little hot but i think it is becoz of the sleek design and it does not pose any problem. Thanks Sujit for making this review and roots and all stuff. Its very helpful for me and i think for all of us.

    • Yeah its true, Heating issue is not causing any harm. now i also feel that. Phone is Great. Wish we can have more developers. 🙂 The best part is the Display that is much better than the Micronax Canvas 2.

  13. I got a ROM for spice…how to share it with you??

  14. I heard that the phones has an issue of getting hanged & calls are getting disconnected mid way. I hear this from the salesman @ the shop. Has any one faced any issues like this. I have held back my purchase for this reason.

    • No there is no such problem, but better buy Lava xolo A800 , same feature at 9100rs. and also comes with 4gB internal memory and a 8 GB card. Camera also has BIS sensor

      • Hey Sujit, Thanks mate for the immediate response. Yeah had a thought of that fone, but the only issue was that of service in bangalore, there is no service center. Might get stuck up in case of issues. By the way howz Titanium S1 or A27 from Karbonn, in case you have any idea.

  15. Hey sujit one website that say update to jelly bean for spice mi-495….please check and let us know. http://updateupgradeandroid.blogspot.in/2013/05/upgradeupdate-spice-mi-495-stellar.html

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