Innocense of Muslims – controvertional Video sets America in Fire

Innocence of Muslims , previously
called Innocence of Bin Laden
(working title: Desert Warrior,
YouTube titles The Real Life of
Muhammad and Muhammad Movie
Trailer ), is an anti-Muslim amateur
2012 film produced by Nakoula
Basseley Nakoula. [1]


Attacks on
Western institutions in the Muslim
world following distribution of
excerpts of the film resulted in dozens
of deaths, and hundreds of injuries.
Months after it was shown one time in
a Hollywood theater, two film trailers
were released on YouTube , in July
2012. The trailers were dubbed into
Arabic, and then spread by Egyptian-
American blogger and Coptic Christian
Morris Sadek.[2]
On September 8, 2012, a two-minute
excerpt from the film was broadcast
[3] on Al-Nas TV , an Egyptian Islamist
television station. Violent protests
against the film broke out on
September 11. The protests spread to
Libya, Yemen and other Arab and
Muslim nations over the following
days, included the 2012 diplomatic
missions attacks , including an attack
on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi,
Libya , that resulted in the deaths of
U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens
and three other Americans. [3] The
film has sparked protests around the
world that have resulted in over three
dozen deaths, and hundreds of
Visual depictions of Muhammad are
considered forbidden in some
traditions of Islam: although the main
scripture of Islam (the Quran ) does
not explicitly forbid images of
Muhammad, there are a few
supplemental teachings (hadith ) that
do. [4][5][6][7] Since the 16th century,
representations of Muhammad and
other revered people have generally
been forbidden. [8][9] Islamic
fundamentalism considers any
pictorial representation of
Muhammad an offence. [8] Any
depiction of Muhammad, written or
graphic, that displays either the
person or his teaching in an
unfavourable manner is widely
considered as blasphemy.
Content and commentary
Sky News alleged the film clip was
“anti-Muslim” and “designed to
enrage”. [10] According to Reuters
news service the film trailer portrayed
Muhammad as a “fool, a philanderer
and a religious fake”; [11] NBC News
said the trailer depicted Muhammad
“as a womanizer, a homosexual and a
child abuser .”[12] The video opens
with Egyptian Muslims burning the
homes of Egyptian Christians while
Egyptian security forces are standing
idle. [13] The following scene goes
back to Muhammad’s time. His wife
Khadija is shown to create the Quran
out of Old and New Testament verses;
the film portrays this as the founding
of Islam . [14] Muhammad’s followers
are portrayed as “savage killers
hungry for wealth and bent on killing
women and children.” [15] In the
excerpt of the film and the trailer, the
character of Muhammad calls a
donkey “the first Muslim animal”. [16]
with Time describing the scene as
showing Muhammad having a
“homoerotic, one-sided conversation
with a donkey”. [17]
Critics panned the film. It “includes
not a single artistically redeemable
aspect at all.” The directing is
“atrocious”; the sets “terrible”; the
acting consists of “their blank eyes
and strained line readings”. [18] It has
been called an “obscenely inept vanity
project” that is “far beneath any
reasonable standard of
moviemaking.” Neumaier concludes,
“Even if you believe that art can be
blasphemous, you’d have to consider
this thing art first. And that is
impossible to imagine.” [19]
Muslim filmmaker Kamran Pasha
commented that the film’s portrayal
was “utterly alien to the Islam of love
and gentleness” he knew. He noted
that although some accounts
described Muhammad’s
consummation of marriage with Aisha
at the age of nine, others disagreed;
although Muhammad was
polygamous, his household was
“embarrassingly modest” compared
to the harems of powerful men of the
time; and that the killing of members
of the Banu Qurayza was according to
the Torah and comparatively merciful
for the era. [20]


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