PhoneLocator Pro v4 Full For Android Download

Track and control your phone online, or by sending text messages to your device!

Find your lost or stolen phone, auto enable GPS(rooted phones), make it ring, remotely lock, remotely wipe,take a picture of the thief, hide the app, know with whom the thief is speaking!

if you choose the locate word to be “locate”, sending “Locate” will not work, cause the first letter is in uppercase!*

PhoneLocator is an Android tracking and monitoring app that allows users to locate and retrieve your lost or stolen devices. Unlike other tracking apps, PhoneLocator is primary focused on security. Here is what makes our app different from the rest: 100% protection against unauthorized disable/uninstall
(Android 2.2 and higher)

Encrypted private data .
It cannot be disabled or uninstalled by unauthorized persons

– No data connection required for full operation Unlike other apps, PhoneLocator is not relying on device’s data
connection for operation, therefore you can safely track and exchange messages with your device, even if the data connection has been switched off if stolen.

– Hide PhoneLocator from app drawer While many of us like to think that a phone thief would get caught because of the tracking app,most of
the time the thieves are smart enough to look for and remove these apps. With PhoneLocator you have the option to hide the app from the drawer so nobody will be aware that
your device is protected.

– Stealth mode
PhoneLocator operates in stealth mode and hides all the SMS messages sent and received when you remotely
control the application. It will also take a photo of the thief when a wrong password is inserted (on phone locked).

– Auto-Enable GPS
Another stand-out feature, if you have a rooted device, PhoneLocator to auto-enables GPS.

– Take a photo
automatically the application will take a photo with the front or back camera, when the phone is locked, and a wrong password is entered (only from Android 2.2 and higher).
You can also ask the application to take a photo by sending your picture keyword, to your phone, in a text message. (any version of Android) Taking photos with the front facing
camera requires Android 2.3 or
higher. If the version of your Android device is smaller than 2.3 , the back camera will be used.

– No battery drain
PhoneLocator will not drain any
battery power if the app is enabled on your Android device. Battery use occurs only when PhoneLocator is asked for positions.

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