Theme Changer for Galaxy 3 i5801/5800


In today’s fast world, People just love shortcuts. As like, it was a big hassle to change framework files to change the theme of your Galaxy 3 Android phone. But here comes a great solution for your problem.

THEME CHANGER a tool designed to change your system files by just 2 clicks. This application is created bt Shreya Agarwal and Neel jinwala. Thanks for there effort. You can even change your system apps with the modded one.

[B]theme changer v1.1[/B]
change log:
-added system apps exchanger (to REPLACE your normal apps with themed apps)! + backup for replaced apps
-can be used to ADD new apps to system/app
-Display list of replaced apks in current session!
-improved ui experience! file manager remembers your last location of selection for that session, so next time you directly jump over there without navigating!
-support for android.policy.jar (if u select this then it will take some more time to reboot, so don’t panic)!
-Added safety! won’t allow u to reboot unless u select both frameworks file!

-do one by one! i.e first select all system apps! n then go to theme changer window n select framework n apply theme! that will be fast n easy! everything in one reboot!
– when u change system apps! go easy on it! give some time (a sec or two) before selecting next file!

So here the Download link and Dont forget to give your feedback:-)


About Sujit Yadav

Sujit Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. he is also passionate about Animation and Game development. He loves to write poems and loves to draw. he is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and Ddancing.

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  1. how to get the default theme back..??

  2. ya i did that ….but the files saved in the folder oldtheme_tc….using that restores the same custom theme again i think it deletes the original framework and twframework files……if u have any reliable solution pls let me know??

  3. How can i install the app???

    • ITS just like normal android apk…i think you havent checked the option in settings<<Application<< Allow Apps from outside Android market…..

      If still have problem reach at my blog..

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