Galaxy 3 On Froyo


Till Yesterday I was one among the people who was cursing the Samsung for not releasing the Froyo for Galaxy 3 a.k.a I5801. I was like dying for froyo like others who are still stuck with the eclair. The negative thoughts of bricking it was stopping me to flash it. But waiting for froyo from the past 4 months made me give up and let me overcome my fear of bricking it. Finally I downloaded the Lestatious Rom from XDA forum and successfully upgraded it to Froyo.

It was nice to see my Galaxy running Froyo. The Phone speed was looking improved, i dont know if it was really or my desire for froyo made an illusion. But I was most happy that I get rid of that Bloody Internal Memory Problem. All the Icons was so colourful and the best thing was,  “Transparent Notification Bar”. Thanks to Lestat.

From past one month there are many improvments in XDA community because the rapid development in the Rom thing. Thats good for Us.

Bugs in Froyo : There was one more thing That was discouraging me to get froyo was bugs. I heard many people facing bugs like Call drops and IMEI no. Lost and all. But Thank God I was lucky. I dint faced any.

Hope Someone port Gingerbread to Galaxy 3 too….

Flashing Guide for Galaxy 3

If you too installed Froyo then Do share please many people need your advice and if you have any doubts of need help please Contact. I would love to help you.


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  1. congrats for the froyo….. dude i am facing a lot of problem of call drop problems in my i5801….will froyo update solve this problem >?……n there isnt any firmware for 2.2 awailable for i5801DDJG6………which firmware di u use to flash ur phone ….any hows is the overall performance after the update???

    • Rohan Bro currently I am on InDroid Rom. ..and In starting i was on ddg6 too then I flAshed Lestatious Rom…You should try Lestastious Rom..The Phone is much smoother and No call drops as many ppl reported..I too dnt hav any go for it…Any more query?? Then I am here only..

  2. Arnab Bhuiya

    i have done the froyo update.but the homescreen is diff what u have shown in this to change ???nd can u plz tell me how to change the messaging/contac/phone icons?

    • I think You have installed official froyo rom…It sucks dude…better Install custum roms to get new icons like this….if you need any help in choosing any rom…contact me i would love to help…

      • Arnab Bhuiya

        how to choose roms??i think i have got the official froyo rom.plz a complete newbie.. 😀

      • It depends on your needs…if you are newbie. .then dont try Overclocked roms…and data2sd bcoz its complicated…

  3. Arnab Bhuiya

    i have got DarkKnight v1.0.hows dat rom??should i install it???

    • Darkknight rom is old…try Kyrillo’s or Lestastious rom…Do you know how to flash roms..??!!

      • Arnab Bhuiya

        i have installed Indroid v3 honeycomb remix.but in case of incoming call,there is no option for answer and reject.only caller’s no is shown.what to do??which rom is better????

      • Yup dats because of the framework graphics. ..Dont worry. …change the framework.apk in system folder by Theme changer….try. .or else if you cant get how..just reply i ll Guide you…i am in hurry now…Bye…

  4. Arnab Bhuiya

    plz help me changing the framework.

  5. Arnab Bhuiya

    @ devil god
    actually i dont have internet connec on my cant go 2 da xda app.can u give the theme in apk which i can install through adb????

  6. Arnab Bhuiya

    thnks for da help.i have installed a gingerbread theme on indriod v3 honeycomb remix rom.but during incoming call my call get disconnected after 2-3 to fix this bug???and which rom is good in terms of battery power nd stability????plz give a link for dat rom.thnks

  7. Arnab Bhuiya

    i have installed the green mod non OC.but i am facing this call drop problem again.when i am getting an incoming call,i swipe the answer portion and it hangs over there and eventually the call gets dropped.also when i am on a call,it gets disconnected suddenly.
    m using vodafone mobile connect(KOLKATA)

    • Majority of people are from vodafone who are facing this bug…i will get back to you if i get something new fotmr you…and did you face call bug in eclair???

  8. Arnab Bhuiya

    i had the call bug in eclair when i was using vmc.but deactivating the vmc made the call bug disappear.i checked out some forums nd they said that froyo release will eliminate this prob…..

  9. no i havent tried dat.will try nd let u know.btw can u tell me where can i get a full version of AVG antivirus or something else???

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