Complete Theme Making/Editing in Java Phones With M.C And XML Editor

All Credits Goes To Sanou Singha For Tutorial , And All Credits Goes To Doctor Drive For Developing And Sharing XML Editor, And also Credits To Sohil876 For Combining Them And Posting It.

[TUTORIAL © ] :-

Note That You Need MiniCommander For Editing With The Tutorial Provided Below,  Download MiniCommander.

Ok So Before Starting The Actual TuT you have to
make some necessary
adjustments inside
MiniCommander first. Go to
settings and keep the

1.>  Extracting Element
Files :

Open MiniCommander &
click on the nth (theme) file
you want to modify. You’ll
see a big list of files. These
are the element files of that
theme. Press LEFT SOFTKEY
to select second panel/
window at your right side.
Browse inside the /E:/ or /
C:/ and open any folder
where you want to extract
the element files. Press LEFT
SOFTKEY again to go back
to the previous panel where
the theme is opened. Click
‘*’ to mark all the elements
and press ‘5’. You’ll see a
pop up asking for
permission. Press LEFT
SOFTKEY [OK]. Now it will
take some time to extract
all the files. After it finishes,
Exit MiniCommander. You
will find the element files
inside that particular folder.

2.>  Replacing Files :

Now its time to just choose
and replace the files you
want inside that folder. But
keep in mind that the
replacement file name &
extension should be exactly
the same as the file to be

3.>  Repacking Elements :

To repack the files again,
open MiniCommander and
go inside that folder. Press
‘*’ to mark all the files
(press ‘0’ to mark one by
one). Now press RIGHT
SOFTKEY and select FILE,
menu. You will see a form
page. At the top of the
form, you’ll see the
extension of file written
as .zip. Make it as .nth and
press OK. It will start
packing. After it finishes,
exit MiniCommander and
you’ll find your new made
theme inside that folder.
Thats it

4.>  Replacing theme
elements directly :

With MiniCommander you
can replace/delete/insert
one or more element file/
files of a theme. For that, in
MiniCommander, open the
theme in your left panel. In
the right panel, browse
through your desired file
and mark with the ‘0’ key.
Now press ‘5’ and you will
see a form page again. Just
press OK and thats it.


Till Now You All Must Have Realized That The Most Important Part .xml (Theme .nth or .thm File descriptor) File EDITING is missing in the above tutorial of sanou, well i have a App (With Details And ScreenShots) Which Is Actually Developed by Doctor Drive For It, by which we can edit xml files very easily.
Its name Is SE XML Editor , but dont get confused, by using it we can edit every .xml file.

Enjoy !!!


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