Tutorial: Make Co-existing UCWEBs [S60V2] By Mr. Friend

Co-existing UCWEBs means install & run two or more UCweb versions at the same time on single phone. It is indeed when we want to use multiple UCs at same time, like UCWEB 7.3 for downloading & 7.4 for browsing etc….
We need five tools for doing this:- zntxhan, sisboom, pro_uid, Pyhon Full Pack(FP3) & X-plore.

 This time for s60v2 only:
* Let’s assume that u need ucweb 7.3 and 7.4 at once.
* First install Ucweb 7.3. Then unpack Ucweb 7.4.sis with sisboom’s ‘unpack->1 File’ option.
* Using X-plore goto the ‘unpacked folder->!\system\apps\ucweb60’ and rename the folder ‘ucweb60’ to ‘Ucweb2’ and move that whole folder to ‘E:\system\apps’
* Now your ‘system\apps’ folder will have two another Ucweb folders say ‘ucweb60’ and ‘ucweb2’.
* Next, go to folder ucweb2 and rename the files:- ucweb60.aif, ucweb60.app, ucweb60.rsc, and ucweb60_caption.rsc to ucweb2.aif, ucweb2.app, ucweb2.rsc, and ucweb2_caption.rsc respectively.
* Now, we have to change the path for ‘ucweb60IMAGES.mbm’ within the ‘ucweb2.app’ file. For this open zntxhan, ‘Start->Listway’ and choose our ucweb2.app file.
* It will show a list of strings.Now just press ‘2’ and enter ‘ucweb60’, It will locate a string like “g\system\apps\ucweb60\ucweb60images.mbm”.As earlier change that ‘ucweb60’ to ‘ucweb2’ ie “g\system\apps\ucweb2\ucweb60images.mbm”.
* Press 5 again & again and find all such instances & do the same. But no need to edit any string that do not contain the word ‘ucweb60images.mbm’
* Save and exit from zntxhan.
* Now we have to display two icons seperately for two ucwebs. For this we need to change the UID of one of the ucweb, here ucweb2 to any other number.
* For this open pro_uid application, ‘Change/Modify->app uid’ and locate our ucweb2.app and enter the uid:- 0x200030f5 (original uid was  0x200030f4). Then also change the ‘aif uid’ to the same 0x200030f5
* Thats all! Now u will have two ucweb icons on your menu, and you can run both at the same time!!!


About Sujit Yadav

Sujit Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. he is also passionate about Animation and Game development. He loves to write poems and loves to draw. he is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and Ddancing.

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