The UC Browser Wiki By Chris (Uc production Managment Team)

This is the UC Browser wiki, we can explain some functions which is hard to understand here. if you have any function in your UC Browser that you want to know, pls reply here and I’ll try to explain it in a easy-to-understand way.

The download block size/breakpoint transmission

Technology which cutting the huge-sized file in pieces then delivers the file piece by piece to your phone, this new way for delivering data in cellphone could make your downloads in UC browser more fluent and you can pause at your wishes and start the transmission from the breakpoint. And it can also help you to bypass the download limit set by the local mobile telecom carriers.

The shadow connection

It is the special function provide for the Sony-Ericsson phones. Due to the system limit, if the user start UC browser without any operation during connection for a while, it will possibly meet the white screen problem which it couldn’t connect to the internet. When you activate the “shadow connection” function, the UC browser would send connection request  to the server regularly to keep the connection ready for the user all the time.

Network Testing

As the name shows this function helps you to test your connection with the internet. When we browsing in cellphones, the signal changes as the distance changes between the cellphone and the signal tower, this would interrupt your browsing sometimes. So we provide this function in the browser to make you test whether you’ve lost connection or not.

Multi-Thread Download

The multi-thread download is the unique technology provided by UC Browser while mobile browsing. Usually we visit one site in one thread, if we download through IE, it will again be one thread most of the time. Then how we can download file faster? the answer is Multi-thread. It’s not a new topic for PC but a leading edge for mobile browsing. Theoretically increase one thread while downloading will incread one times on download speed. In fact, the increase is usually about 60% of therectically measured. In UC Browser, we set the default multi-thread count into 2 to make a balance between fast download and smooth browsing. That’s why we download faster.


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