MOD your UC Browser For Full English Server By RohanAjoshi

Tools Needed:

ZNTXhan for symbian devices, A good hex editor for JAVA devices.

(I m giving tutorial with ZNTXhan cause i m symbian user, but it will same apply for java devices with Hex editor)
(If u r a s60v2 user then u dont need to uncompress exe )

Steps :

1)Unpack Sis/sisx file using Sisboom or any unpacker.
2)Go to unpacked folder=>i=>sys=>bin=>
3)copy the UcWeb60signed.exe or to “modding” folder or any folder as u want.
4)Open ZNTXhan.
5)press left softkey=>Choose Start=>*exe. [un]compress.

6)Then choose ur UcWeb60signed.exe from modding folder for uncopmress. This will take 3 to 5 seconds.
7)Now press left softkey=>Start=>Listway and select UcWeb60signed_unpack.exe. All strings from exe gets listed on screen
8)Now Left Softkey=>Replace=>ingnore Big and Small
9)Now in “find content box” put 999 and in “repalce” box put ur native BID. Eg. 351 for indian server.

10)Chooese OK for “Replace all”

11)Again Left Softkey=>Save=>Save, after saving, press right soft key for coming to home screen of ZNTXhan.

12)Done, Now u have succsefuly Changed chinese bid to ur native BID.

But this is will give u half english server. Eg. Ur Homepage is in english.
For modding exe or app for full English u need to do some few more steps as follows :

13)Press Left soft key=>Hexadecimal way and select ur saved UcWeb60signed_unpack.exe from modding folder and select modify directly.
14)Now u will get Hex editor screen on ur phone.
15) Lefi softkey=>edit=>search=>UTF-8 code.
16)Now put 2052 in “find content” box.

17)U will get 2052 string at right hand side.

18)Now click we need to edit this 2052 to ur native LCID  eg. 1033 for US users. for that click on 2 and put 1, click on 5 and put 3, click on last 2 and put again 3.
19)Now Left softkey=>The next. U get to another string which have 2052. Now same do as Step 18 untill u get “Find Nothing”.

20)Now Leftsoft Key=>save=>save and press right softkey for homepage of ZNTXhan.
21)press left softkey=>Choose Start=>*exe. [un]compress and choose UcWeb60signed_unpack.exe. This will compress exe.
22)Now just just rename UcWeb60signed_unpack_pack.exe to  UcWeb60signed.exe and paste it into ur unpacked folder.
23)Repack the package and get fully english ucweb.

For Java moddingo same same steps with every .class files. Just forget compress and uncompress steps..

Diffeerent BIDs for Different Regions :

LCIDs For Different Regions :
2052:Chinese – People Republic of China
1033:English – US

ThankS Rohan For such a Nice Tutorial……


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Sujit Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. he is also passionate about Animation and Game development. He loves to write poems and loves to draw. he is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and Ddancing.

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