World's Largest Mobile Phone Browser: UC Browser 50 Billion Page View Per Month

UC Mobile Limited has officially announced the world’s largest mobile phone browser with usage (page views) exceeded 50 billion worldwide in September 2010. The average number of pages per second is more than 2 million times, lead to further expansion. UC browser runs on Symbian, Android, Java, Windows Mobile, MTK, iPhone, Ophone, Brew and other mainstream mobile phone platform more than 100 famous brands, more than 3,000 handsets. Currently, UC has been in North America and elsewhere in Asia set up a separate server, and service in the world more than 145 countries and regions.

August 2004, excellent as the technology (UC) was first released core products mobile browser UC browser with cloud computing architecture. The product through the use of cloud services platform to help optimize the Internet page, save 80% of traffic, so that the browsing speed significantly improved to help users easily access Internet information quickly.
UC Mobile Limited CEO YuYongFu said, “UC can achieve the results today, is affirmation of UC users, and partners recognized for UC, but also benefited from UC in China and the rapid growth of global users. UC will continue to focus on technological innovation, dedicated to product breakthroughs, and constantly improve the user experience and promote cooperation and win-win industrial chain. “

The latest Mobile Internet Security feature in UC browser to meet the security needs of mobile users, first in the world to provide users with mobile Internet security services for the user to create a mobile Internet’s first line of defense. In addition, the latest 7.4 (Chinese) version of the UC browser for Symbian, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Java Mobile platforms support the five FLASH function, which is a new breakthrough. In the near future, almost all mobile phone users will be able to get through the UC browser FLASH video and games fun to bring pleasure!

Three years ago, a small start-up companies as the technology advantages (UC) running out of money, desperate. The two young founders did not have access to Lenovo’s investment fund, has moved Yu Yongfu, vice president of Legend Capital. January 3, 2007, Yu Yongfu left Legend Capital, carrying luggage up the office of a superior, as the technology – there is no elevator in Guangzhou 6th floor of a residential building, as the company’s CEO.

Just 3 years time, this small company of 15 people to 600 people, has become the core areas of mobile browser technology and full intellectual property rights of the first Chinese company. Latest statistics show that, as of the end of July 2010, UC has made the browser in the world to download more than 4 million times, more than 100 million users, users over 50 billion monthly page views results. UC has become the world’s most adaptable platform for mobile browser can be hundreds of brands in the world of 3000 and stable operation of a variety of mobile phones, is truly the world’s largest mobile browser, the company estimates has reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

Yu Yongfu said, “It all stems from our focus and expertise. Of course, the most rare is the beginning, it is like to drive, start the most difficult, careless and died.” Crucial moment, when he found YuYongFu Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun, Jun Lei received angel investors such as timely as the four million yuan investment, the solution of urgent needs. Then, the company made an important decision, that is, the company sold the business for the enterprise market, which is almost the only profitable projects the company has brought over a thousand million per year income. “This decision is equivalent to the jobs you have been smashed, a year later, another business if not together, you come back to pick up your job I’m afraid to think about are not picked up.” YuYongFu said, “but we feel the need have to do, only focus to be successful, we aimed at individual users, determined to be the cell phone browser, only to abandon the enterprise market. “

Since then to now, UC concentrate all the resources and energy, focusing on the development of mobile browser. “Mobile Internet era is a big opportunity,” said Yu Yongfu, with the 3G network and the application of smart phones, more and more users use mobile Internet. But the mobile phone operating system, screen size and hardware performance, it has great differences with the computer, which allows users to browse the Internet via mobile phone content, I often have to endure the torment of speed and traffic charges.
This is a very strong professional and technical areas, development of mobile browser for promoting the professional development of mobile Internet outpost.

UC president of technology Liang Jie said, “We can save 80% of browser traffic, nearly double the increase browsing speed. In the video, we can be compressed to the original 1 / 10 to 1 / 20, while our software is small, accounting for less memory, more energy consumption low. If at the present telecom tariff, all browsers use the UC mobile phone users could save more than 4 billion per year in traffic charges. It is this gives the user” money power save time, “the benefits, the UC walk in the forefront of mobile phone browser.”

Why can achieve so powerful? This is the first to benefit from the use of UC cloud computing infrastructure. With the earlier phone browser will download all the information pages to the phone side to deal with different, UC browsers and web servers in the phone number set up between the relay server, by adjusting the content structure of Web pages and convert the file format, compression means on the web page “rearrangement”, and then present the content in the mobile terminal, thus greatly reducing the amount of mobile computing terminal, helping users to reduce traffic and increase browsing speed and operating speed.
UC focus on innovation, expanding the function of mobile browser. Now almost a hundred patent applications, works with dozens of software copyrights.
May this year, UC once again to achieve major technological breakthroughs, the first in the phone support Flash10 technology to help users to experience the charm of 3G. In the newly released version of the  UC browser 7.3, UC is also the industry’s first browser in the phone browser to join the security services. August 19, UC 16 companies signed the joint industry of the “protection of mobile phone users Internet Security Proposal”, and actively promote the healthy development of mobile Internet industry.

Yu Yongfu said, UC is preparing to launch the “UC Versatile” next generation browser, the browser will be based on new data structure, broadband mobile Internet and open concept design, web page rendering capabilities in improving the network quality at the same time, the network speed will be increased dramatically. We feel, perhaps this area in the mobile browser, with Chinese companies to grow into large international companies, we hope that this business is excellent, as the technology”.


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